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Claudia Lailhacar – Competition Prep

Claudia Lailhacar - Competition Prep

Claudia Lailahacar, a Vegan Figure Competitor previously featured on the site, took the time to share some of her Contest Prep Experience!

If your looking for some solid advice, read-on as Claudia shares here experience in her own words!

1. What’s you Nutritional Plan like in preparation for a Competition? What Supplements do you take when in contest prep?

I eat a clean plant based diet all year round, allow myself more carbs off season. Can’t live without my Multi Vitamins, Vitamin C, Spirulina, BCAA’s, Glutamine , 1MR and my protein powders..I think that is it. I think : )

2. What’s your weekly Training Split like (i.e. Doubles, Rest Days, etc.)?

I work a 4 day split. 2 body parts per session.

3. What’s your Cardio Schedule like (i.e. Morning Sessions, Double Sessions, etc)?

Off season – maybe 2 short cardio – Pre comp – depends on week 🙂 Last couple of weeks will be pulling double cardio 4 times a day.

4. What techniques do you employ to best prepare you for a Competition (i.e. Posing Routines, Drying Out, Carb Cutting, etc.)?

LOTS of info here – for me, lots of visualization, meditation, carbing up, water loading, then drying out lol.

5. What were your goals leading up to the competition and how did they help prepare you on stage?

Prepare myself mentally, visualize trophy..BREATH..ommmmm

6. Looking back, how did you maintain balance in your life while in competition prep? Did you experience any post-comp blues? If so, how did you deal with them?

After competition its usually hard for me. You live such a strict 4 months that it I feel lost afterwards. How I deal with it..set NEW goals and start thinking of my new comp.

I keep a balanced life by keeping social, spending time with my family and helping others reach their goals : )

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