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Fitness Competition – Diet and Training

Featured Writer: Angelique Kronebusch

When competition season comes around, most of us are starting our intense training and diet 12 weeks out. Some of us have a hard time losing the fat off our bodies, and most of the time that has to do with diet.

As a Trainer, I have put lots of competitors through exhausting work outs and I make sure to keep on top of what my clients are eating so that they get the best results. This can be an emotional time for most people, especially first time competitors because they have no idea what to expect as an end result and the doubts start to plague their minds.

Sometimes these doubts get too stressful and confusing, and this is when competitors let their emotions get in the way of their goals. Self sabotage with food is a big problem with competition prep which can be damaging for their weight loss goals.

We all need to remember that Food is Fuel and the things that we are craving is not going to help us achieve our goals of hitting the stage if the binging starts every other day. In your mind you have to ask yourself why you feel this way and why do you feel the need to sabotage yourself? Its not worth it and you only have 12 weeks to give it all you got, so this is your time and your dream, don’t crush your own dream!

After 4 years of competitions, I have found interesting ways to eat food so it does not taste boring. Competition diet does not have to consist of dry chicken and plain spinach. Open your mind to new things like using natural spices on your foods and adding garlic and onions with your veggies and grilling everything on the barbecue. Food can be interesting again, and the old bodybuilding ways of eating boiled chicken is behind us.

Sometimes it is the way we are training that is effecting our weight loss. Have you been doing the same routine for month now? Maybe its time to switch it up to full body routines with lots of compound movements to really blast your muscles and shock your body.

Make your cardio sessions count! I know a lot of people that still go twice per day and do 1 hour of continuous cardio in the morning, then again at night. If I did this, I would probably never compete again! Continuous cardio is fine, but I rather work harder a few times per week with high intensity interval training as my cardio, pushing as hard as I can for 20 minutes.

1. Stairs

Find a steep set of stairs and lots of them and run up and down, switch it up by doing walking lunges on the way up, or jump up one flight with both feet and run the next. I have a set of stairs I go to 1-2 times per week which consist of 106 steps all the way up. I will run up them 10 times with no breaks in between. I like this type of workout because its challenging and works the calves, and when you are done you are shaking and sweating. Now that is a work out!

2. Intervals on the treadmill

If you are on the treadmill, why not switch it up to interval training? Make it a challenge by increasing the grade to 5%. Walk 1 minute, then run as fast as possible for 1 minute. Do this until you reach 20 minutes and trust me you will be dripping with sweat by the end.

3. Plyometrics

I love plyometrics, very challenging and never boring. Try a plyometric circuit with 3 different exercises with 20 to 30 repetitions and no rest until you have done 3 sets, then off to the next series of plyometrics. I recommend 15-20 minutes then a cool down walk on the treadmill.

4. Rowing Machine

For some reason the rowing machine makes me want to scream and run the opposite direction. This machine is much easier when you have a longer reach. Set the rowing machine to the highest tension and set the intervals to 300 meters with a 30 second rest. Your goal is to get to 0 meters as fast as possible for 5 sets.

These are my secrets to getting stage ready! Remember, you are doing this for yourself and no one else, give it all you have, eat clean and train hard. The results at the end will be worth it and you will feel great sticking to your diet and hard training, especially when you get your pictures back from the big day.


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