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Sandy Avelar – Competition Prep

Sandy Avelar - Competition Prep

Sandy Avelar, a new IFBB Pro out of Canada, took the time to share some inside information on Competition Prep!

A very intriguing article! Here’s what Sandy had to share with us…

1. What’s your Nutritional Plan like in preparation for a Competition? What Supplements do you take when in contest prep?

I leave my contest prep in the hands of my trainer, Darren Mehling of Freak Fitness. I have been working with him for almost a year now, but my last prep was only 7 weeks for my Provincial Championships win and 1 week later for the Nationals, where I turned Pro. It was an intense and focused 2 months but it was well worth the effort!

My current plan is well-balanced and has me eating every 2-3 hours. Lean meats, vegetables, fruit, fats, oats, rice, yams, egg whites and protein shakes are my staples. Real food, not shakes, is the basis.

My supplements are simple. Multi-Vitamins, CLA, BCAAs, NO2, Creatine and fat burners when I need an extra morning “pick me up” during those last few weeks leading up to a show.

2. What’s your weekly Training Split like (i.e. Doubles, Rest Days, etc.)?

My training is based on a 7 day week, with weights 5 days a week.

3. What’s your Cardio Schedule like (i.e. Morning Sessions, Double Sessions, etc)?

My cardio is short and I like to try and do it in the morning. I go home, eat and go back to the gym for weights after. If I don’t have time, I’ll do cardio right after lifting.

4. What techniques do you employ to best prepare you for a Competition (i.e. Posing Routines, Drying Out, Carb Cutting, etc.)?

During contest prep, I leave everything in the hands of my trainer. He makes the judgement call on what I need and this can change from show to show. Before I worked with Darren, I had tried excessive water loading and sodium depletion which only made me sick in the past (even including a hospital visit).

My health is my (and my coach’s) priority so we don’t do any of those last minute “guru” tricks. There’s just no need for anything drastic if you’ve prepared properly.

I pose every single day. Stage presence is such a huge factor. Why ruin all the hard work without great stage presence??!

5. What were your goals leading up to the competition and how did they help prepare you on stage?

I decided to return to the stage this past summer, with the encouragement of close friends and my trainer. I took 2 years off and I really wanted to showcase my changes and make a sort-of “comeback”.

In the end, I wanted to show my best me that I could create.

Evidently it worked, since I won Provincial and National titles, and earned IFBB Pro status at the Canadian National Championships in July!

6. Looking back, how did you maintain balance in your life while in competition prep? Did you experience any post-comp blues? If so, how did you deal with them?

The life-balance is a hard one for me. I’m still learning.

My job as a police officer is both physically and mentally demanding. We have to give more and more of ourselves to people everyday.

This is the complete opposite of what I’ve found contest prep to be for me. I find I have to be very selfish during prep. I’m referring to the training schedule, meal prep, and sleep pattern.

I don’t have much of a social life because of the juggling of my career, training and home life. I’m always finding new ways to better balance it and to ask for help (very difficult for me) when I need it.

I’m very conscious of my attitude during prep and try not to let my emotions run me!

As far as post-contest “blues”, I have had them in the past. It can be hard to focus weeks on one day and then have it all stop. It can also be hard to be the center of attention for a week and then have it all stop. And in the past, the post-comp bloat and rebound was hard to experience.

This time around I didn’t suffer any rebound, and now that I’m an IFBB Pro I have a lot more doors that have opened, and many more opportunities coming my way. This is great for me because I like to have something to focus on.

Aside from future competition goals, I am looking forward to a great vacation, a work related course, and simply being with friends and family now that I spend less time in the gym.

Its very important to remind yourself of all the other important things in life and how lucky we are to be able to have the choice to compete.

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