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Meals Made Simple for the Working Woman

We all know that eating healthy is about planning and preparation. If you are like most Women these days you work, take care of the kids, enjoy the company of friends, travel or all of the above. Not all of us have the time to prepare a healthy meal each night, so we often fall short of our nutrition goals by eating out. The following is an idea that I have developed to help you set up an entire week of healthy eating in advance! It’s called the Sunday Pre-Pack and it’s an essential part to anyone’s fitness goals.

The Sunday Pre-Pack is setting aside 3 hours or so every Sunday to write out your menu for the week (or check out the one that your personal trainer has given you), shop for the week, and prepare your meals for the week.  Once you have decided which meals you will be having hit the grocery store. Make sure you get enough because this grocery list will have to cover 7 days. When you return home, start cooking!

Lunch, daytime snacks and shakes often present the most problems, so they should definitely be made in advance. You can cook all of the meat and chop up all of the fruits and veggies that you will need for those meals on Sunday. Have them ready in storage containers so that you can grab them in the morning before heading out to work regardless of the kind of day your boss may have in store for you.

If you don’t have a blender set up at work, check out hand held blenders like The Magic Bullet. This way you can make your protein shakes on-the-go. If this isn’t ideal, you can even pre blend your shakes at home and store them in the fridge at work. My favorite is the Blender Bottle shaker. Scoop your protein and store it in a baggie inside of your shaker for example.

The Sunday Pre-Pack will ensure that you do not go hungry or skip meals during the day. With a few hours of preparation and careful planning you will be sure to reach your fitness goals whether you are competing or simply living a healthy lifestyle!

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