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Fitness Survival Tactics – “The Walking Dead Diet”

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Run For The Hills

I know many people love The Walking Dead as much as I do so I’m going to give you a few cheap tips on how to stay fit without it eating your brains.

With the economy as bad as it is I believe most of us are feeling like this show, running around like LUNAtics trying to make money…minus the zombies.

A healthy diet has always been about quality food and not quantity. If you want to succeed in you fitness efforts cheaply these days then let’s pretend your in The Walking Dead.

Have A Cow

Have a cow. Restricting too much red meat from your diet can cause anemia!

The Walking Dead Diet

Fitness Survival Tactics … “Pretend your stranded in a desert.”

Let’s pretend you found this information like it was on a torn piece of paper blowing in the wind and it held the most important tips to follow for you to survive.

“Move it beefy pants!”

Don’t save the iron just for the gym. You need iron to keep a healthy RBC count. The main function of iron is to help carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and other organs so you can run Forrest, run “Zombies Hate Fast Food”

– Milk

Ya, you know it, chicken-eggs, cow-milk. If your not lucky enough to have a farm with your own cows then I’m wondering if they have a George Foreman for Cow nipples?

Well, probably not so try to get skim milk and if it’s expired…it’s just gross so don’t do it man. The consumption of saturated fat is generally considered is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease so get fat free skim milk.

How Long Is Milk Good After The Sell By Date?

According to the Dairy Council of California – When stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and not left out of the refrigerator for extended time periods, milk should last approximately 5-7 days past the “sell by” date.”


Bobble Filtered Water Bottle
Source: Instagram

If you were stranded in a desert for a few days what would be the most important thing?

– Water

Ah the life source “water” I’m not going to ramble on about the health benefits of water because if it’s something so important that you require it to stay alive, it’s healthy and you know it.

“Desert Without A Dessert”

I got lost from California to Las Vegas in a desert before.

Get Fresh With Me

– Can It

Tuna, kidney beans, spinach, asparagus, olives, fruits. If you were in an episode of The Walking Dead you would find this in a shack to snack in. If you find an orange grove then snag those over canned fruits. Canned foods lose some of the original fresh food nutrients when stored, more on canned foods.

– Chicken

High protein, low fat, and the basic animal food choice of hungry people and fitness freaks alike. Since I just mentioned canned goods I really have to recommend you catch one of these tasty birds fresh and not in a can, chicken in a can will make “Tuna of The Sea” taste like lobster comparably, it’s just gross so don’t do it man.

– Eggs

Ya, you already got that chicken so get some high protein eggs. If you want to keep your arteries clear then separate the yolks from the white. When there is too much cholesterol riding through the blood, it will begin to build up in the artery walls. This buildup is called plaque and is the cause of many cardiovascular conditions.

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