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Hanan Arabatlian – Bikini Competitor

Hanan Arabatlian - Bikini Competitor

Our very own Trish Lavender caught-up with Hanan Arabatlian, a Canadian National Bikini Competitor and Newly Sponsored Fitness Athlete.

If you’re planning to be at the 2011 Olympia Weekend, be sure to stop by “Team Magnum” and say hello!

Here’s what Hanan had to share with us…

1. Briefly share with us your background (Education, Interests, etc.)?

After a few crazy years… (marriage, baby, divorce, single motherhood…) ….

I’m finally happy in love & settling into my new life in downtown Vancouver. I have a strong passion for interior design and still take-on the odd side project with my Company Aura Interiors.

My days are filled with balancing mom duties, running my new personal training business and training for shows.

2. Who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Fitness Competitor?

I made exercise a part of my life in my mid-teens. I was living on my own, and dealing with a lot of responsibility at a young age.

Like so many of your readers, working-out became my outlet. I was always in awe of those ‘ripped’ girls at the gym. It was something I admired, but didn’t think I could ever do, until my first trainer “Dawn Alison” pushed me into trying it! (thanks Dawn!).

I think the lesson is, you are inspiring people around you – without even realizing it!

I watched those other girls for a long time… slowly they motivated me to discover a new strength inside of myself.

3. What competitions have you made appearances in? From these, what were your placements (titles won)?

  • 2009 – PVL Western Canadians – Medium Figure – (3rd Place)
  • 2010 – BC Provincial – Figure Short – (didn’t place)

In 2011 I switched from competing in the Figure Class, to the Bikini Category.

Truthfully, I wanted a bikini body, so it made sense for me to train in a way that aligned with my personal goals.

My trainer Dean Brandt (Body By Brandt) helped me make it happen!

  • 2011 – PVL Western Canadian – Bikini Short – (1st Place, Overall winner)
  • 2011 – BC Provincial – Bikini Short – (1st Place, Overall winner)
  • 2011 – CBBF Nationals – Bikini Short – (6th Place)

4. When is your next upcoming show? What will be your competing class?

2012 Nationals in my home town where I hope to earn my Pro Card 🙂 I can hardly wait!!!

5. Where can fans find out more about you (website, published magazines, sponsors, etc.)?

I’ve just been sponsored by Magnum, which I’m very excited about. I used their products from before, so I swear it was the law of attraction that brought us together! Haha.

You can find me on their website in the athlete page:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Hanan__A
Website: www.iHananFitness.com COMING SOON!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hanan/279056238773719

Photo Credits: David Ford

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