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How to Dig Your Way Out of a Fitness Rut


You love working out. You really do. You love the results, the sweat, the work and the gym!

However lately it has been harder than usual to motivate yourself to get your butt to the gym and really push yourself the extra percentage to get the gains you want.

Ever go to the gym and have a workout that be considered…well a little bit of a “waste of time”?

I have – and I hate it. The number one reason for this horrible phenomenon (also known as : “the fitness rut” amongst other things) can be attributed to low energy levels, which is ultimately caused by OVERWORK.


This includes, but is not limited to, the work, food preparation, cardio sessions, commuting, training, worrying about the kids,  driving…

the list can really go on forever unfortunately. So what is a usually committed fitness female to do?

Here are some Tips:

Try something new other than your usual weights/cardio routine.

Try a dance class, a yoga class, a pump class or even a spin class. Do it for fun, it will take some of the pressure off.

Get more sleep.

Try to schedule your day so you can get to bed earlier and actually get some rest. Your last of motivation may just be your body’s way of saying that it needs more shut eye.

Check out what eating and supplementation has been like.

Have you been relying on too much caffeine and you end up with an energy plummet before your workout time? Maybe try switching out what time of the day you workout.

Read some motivational articles (like right here on MuscleBombshell.com)

This will help get you emotionally back in the groove!

Take some time off from the gym.

…Let yourself miss it a little bit.

It’s okay to feel like you are in a rut of sorts when trying to achieve your fitness goals. It can be tough to always be “on”. Know that it’s quite all right to be human and that your motivation. If anything, fitness comes with its own community of support systems that are all ready to provide advice and support if you reach out and ask for it. We have all been there.

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