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How to achieve your goals!

Today’s article is going to explore goals, goal setting and look at the reasons why people often fail.


I think it’s fair to say that at one time or another we have all set ourselves a goal and failed at it. Sometimes this is because the goal was unrealistic but more often than not it is because although the goal was achievable, the steps and processes needed to get there were not well planned, followed or executed properly.

Let’s think of this another way for a moment: you want to make a chocolate cake with butter crème icing. You have all the ingredients and the recipe book and the oven, but instead of opening the packets, weighing the ingredients, shelling the eggs and mixing everything thoroughly before placing it in the oven, you just dump everything in a bowl (packaging, shell, you-name it, it’s going in!) you don’t stir it, and then you put it in the oven and burn it to a crisp, that’s going to be one disgusting cake! This doesn’t mean that you will always be a failure at baking cakes, it just means that you need to change your approach and follow a number of smaller steps to get to the end result that you want.

It’s about taking things one step at a time and doing everything properly.

The 2 main goals that I find within the fitness community or those first stating out are the following:

1)       Weight loss

2)       Muscle gain

These are both similar in the fact that they require long-term work to achieve but it is easy to become despondent.

To achieve your goals look at the bigger picture first: what is your ultimate dream / goal? “I want to be a Pro Bikini Model”.

Once you have set that initial goal ask yourself how you need to get there? What qualifications / wins / shows do you need to achieve / complete or compete in to be eligible to become a pro?

Look at people who have already achieved your goals. Compare yourself. You need to become your own biggest critic. Look at the stats of people competing at the level that you want to be. How do you measure up? If the leading atheletes have 32” busts, 28” hamstring / quad diameters, defined 6 pacs, then you need to compare that to yourself.
Set yourself a bi-weekly goal of 1/2 an inch loss or gain in your chosen area.
Keep a diary, record your achievements, comment on areas where you’re struggling.

The key thing is to be aware when something isn’t working. If something isn’t working you are wasting your time. That’s not to say you won’t achieve your goals, not at all, what I am saying is that you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect to see a different result.

If something isn’t working, tweak it, change it, try again. Keep a record of your changes and new things you are trying – but don’t change too many things at once!

Overall my advice would be your bigger picture is your motivation, the smaller steps are your goals that will get you to your bigger picture. What you do to achieve your goals are your tools. Make sure you have the right tools.

Train Hard

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Margie Mack – Winning as a Figure Competitor

Margie Mack-Figure Competitor

Margie Mack, a Figure Competitor recently featured on the site shared with us her recent experience in a Figure Competition where she did not place!

If you’re preparing to compete, have had a similar experience or know of someone who has seen similar struggles…I’m sure you’ll find comfort in this insightful article shared by Margie.

Continue reading to find out more…

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How to Dig Your Way Out of a Fitness Rut


You love working out. You really do. You love the results, the sweat, the work and the gym!

However lately it has been harder than usual to motivate yourself to get your butt to the gym and really push yourself the extra percentage to get the gains you want.

Ever go to the gym and have a workout that be considered…well a little bit of a “waste of time”?

I have – and I hate it. The number one reason for this horrible phenomenon (also known as : “the fitness rut” amongst other things) can be attributed to low energy levels, which is ultimately caused by OVERWORK.


This includes, but is not limited to, the work, food preparation, cardio sessions, commuting, training, worrying about the kids,  driving…

the list can really go on forever unfortunately. So what is a usually committed fitness female to do?

Here are some Tips:

Try something new other than your usual weights/cardio routine.

Try a dance class, a yoga class, a pump class or even a spin class. Do it for fun, it will take some of the pressure off.

Get more sleep.

Try to schedule your day so you can get to bed earlier and actually get some rest. Your last of motivation may just be your body’s way of saying that it needs more shut eye.

Check out what eating and supplementation has been like.

Have you been relying on too much caffeine and you end up with an energy plummet before your workout time? Maybe try switching out what time of the day you workout.

Read some motivational articles (like right here on MuscleBombshell.com)

This will help get you emotionally back in the groove!

Take some time off from the gym.

…Let yourself miss it a little bit.

It’s okay to feel like you are in a rut of sorts when trying to achieve your fitness goals. It can be tough to always be “on”. Know that it’s quite all right to be human and that your motivation. If anything, fitness comes with its own community of support systems that are all ready to provide advice and support if you reach out and ask for it. We have all been there.

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Motivation Please

Stephanie Joanne

 One day I will get back into it. One day I will start my diet again. This is my last cheat meal for a while. I can do this. Sound familiar? These are all examples of the kind of “positive” self-talk I know my clients engage in on a daily basis. How do I know this?Simple, because they tell me. I know your intentions are all in the right places but when times comes, it doesn’t quite happen just as planned. Something just always happens to come up to sabotage your efforts whether you are talking about training, diet or both.

 So lets call a spade a spade. Stop trying to convince yourself that one day it will all work out as planned when the things around you so called change. Instead, you must first do the work outside of the gym and kitchen to really get in tune with your good old motivation.

Here are 6 simple ways to help you make today your day:

GOALS– Write them down. No doubt you have heard this many times but the question is have you actually done it. It amazes me how many of my clients know they should do this, yet feel they can skip this part of the equation. Please don’t move past this step without having something SMART written down (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely).

ATTITUDE– A winning attitude is a must. When is the last time you were happy with your fitness efforts? Get back into that frame of mind. Repeatedly telling yourself how unhappy you are in your current shape will manifest negativity in you. Create positive self-talk. If you catch yourself in a moment and you don’t feel good about yourself or your body you must “flip the switch”. The way you feel at any given moment is a choice. Choose to feel powerful, strong and determined. Its work at first but you must do whatever it takes to have the right attitude. Soon, before you know it “flipping the switch” will happen quite easily. Don’t miss a killer workout because of a bad attitude. Literally tell yourself to dismiss thoughts that are not empowering and keep your eye on the prize!

ENVISION– Literally vision the satisfaction you can get out of committing to something. Something big like a longer-term fitness regimen or food management plan or something shorter like sticking to todays spin class. It feels so good when you set out to do something and you follow through. Allow this increased self-respect to drive your motivation. After all, you are doing this for you! Don’t let yourself down.

ENROL– No, this doesn’t mean sign up for something. To me this means letting the people around you know (enrolling them) what you are doing and how important it is to you. Relationships affect our lives a great deal on a daily basis so it is important that you have support. It may take time for everyone to buy into how serious you are taking this. Thank them ahead of time for their support and get them on board. The simple exercise of telling someone else about your goals will motivate you to follow through.

SCHEDULE– Write down everything you plan to do in terms of fitness and perhaps even meals ahead of time. As the days go by use this calendar to reflect. Did you complete every workout and not cheat on your diet. Make these notes on your calendar. Having this on paper infront of you can serve as a tool to keep you on track. Note down your feelings as well. Was it difficult or easy, this way you will be able to look back and reflect on your hard work. It will be so very rewarding when you look back and are able to mark day after day of success!

ENJOY THE JOURNEY– Its not about where you get but about how you get there. Certainly you have heard this before… stop and take a moment and really take this in. To wrap your head around this another way, when you finally reach your goal (which by the way you will still not be happy with because you will have new goals) how will you feel? Good, right? Yes, you will feel good because you did it. The feeling of accomplishment will be overwhelming. What did you accomplish? The Journey! It all comes to the journey. Embrace the bumps in the road. Allow yourself to have off days, allow yourself the odd feeling of wanting to give up, as this too is part of the journey. Leave it as just that, chuckle at it, and move on. We all experience it!

There you have it. Time to dig deep and lay the groundwork on how you are going to be motivated to see your goal through. Start only when you have your goal and your goal is clear. Don’t take yourself too seriously or compare yourself to anyone else. However, do this prep work ahead of time and you will be looking back and saying…. I DID IT! Good Luck.

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