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Niki Bryant – WNBF Fit Body Pro & Master Fitness Professional

A master trainer and recent pro card winner, Niki is the picture of health and wellness.

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Can you please share with our readers your background and interests? 

I am an awarding winning ISSA Certified Fitness Professional, Master Trainer with NY Strength, recently awarded WNBF Fit Body Pro, Educator and Coach to many, and my business was awarded Best New Fitness Studio in 2010!!

Who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Fitness Competitor?

This one is challenging to complete because it depends on what part of my life people have influenced it the most.  First, Monica Brant!  She has been my idol from the beginning…well actually my hubby has always liked her and I fell in love too!  She is just your perfect example of fitness in a woman.

What competitions have you made appearances in and what were your placements?

INBF Midwest Championships  Oct 13th 2012
           1st place & Overall earning WNBF Fit Body Pro Card
INBF Midwest Championships Oct 2011 1st place Tall Fit Body
NABBA Sept 2011 1st place & Overall Figure
NABBA June 2011 1st place Tall Figure
NPC April 2010 3rd place Figure Tall

When is your next upcoming show and what will be your competing class?

I’m actually not certain on this yet.  I’m not all to familiar with the pro world and when the shows are.  Soon I hope!!  I’d like to keep the fire going within me.

Where can fans find out more about you?

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What Do I Do Now?


So you just finished a competition and now you don’t know what to do with yourself. You feel completely lost with your diet and training. Depending on your goals and what you did or didn’t do, post competition can be looked at in many different ways.

Most people get struck by post contest blues and cannot control their diet when show time is over. The discipline goes out the door and you basically are not able to say no to all the goodies you have been deprived of for long. When competitors go through this post-competition, They also noticed how fast the pounds come back even after only a few days of indulging. The head games start playing with us. We look in the mirror and wish we could look like the day of the show, and we start pinching at our stomachs and our butts. We try to go back on our diets, but that does not last long. Either the gym becomes an obsession or we cannot even drive by without wanting to cry at the thought of training.

What if you didn’t gain body fat? What if you just regained the normal few pounds? It’s not wise to stay lower with your calories just for the sake of staying at your pre-competition weight. Quite the opposite. You cannot think you are doing better because you are having less calories than your body actually can use. If your goal is to improve your physique and put on more muscle, you need to feed your body the adequate calories it needs in order to do so.

For those who don’t maintain a lean physique without cardio, then make sure you keep it up without over doing it, 4-5 times a week is great. But, if you didn’t need more than a few sessions per week to stay lean, then why not cut it down and do only 2-3 intense, short sessions? That way you can also have more energy for your weight training sessions.

If you have months to your next competition and you like how you look, maybe this is the time you need to experiment with other foods. Either you can add a bit more calories or choose some of your favorite foods and include them in your diet. What I personally like to do is a refeed day to fill up glycogen for better training and to prevent lethargy. This also helps our metabolism from hitting a “plateau”. Basically I eat more food and extra clean carbohydrates(always keep it clean!)

If you are just a few weeks between shows, make sure you reintroduce post workout carbs so  you don’t catabolize muscle. Pay attention to how you look so you can stop if your body starts to look smooth. Sometimes we end up looking even better a few weeks after our first show just by little diet changes.

Some people when they are really lean and have eaten too little and trained too much for a long time, the body can start to look soft. The natural response is to train more and diet harder. Most likely what needs to be done is……take a day off and eat more! It’s hard to wrap our heads around this concept when we have established a routine of 2 a day workouts and low calories.

Few things I like to do:

1. Eat a different breakfast
2. Have some peanut butter(or almond butter, or just nuts)
3. Have some fruit
4. Eat a fattier protein like salmon or bison
5. Eat different veggies like carrots or squash

Not only will you feel satisfied, you will most likely feel happier and more energized. Keep in mind sometimes the body may get a little bloated from food we are not used to, but I believe that this is probably a good thing for our metabolism.

Now it’s time to try to relax about the whole “what do I do now!” What you should do now is enjoy your food and training! Work hard and never stop reaching for your fitness goals, and come in more muscular and ready to kick butt at your next show!

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Cynthia Cordoba – Bikini Athlete


New to the competition scene, Cynthia is a very ambitious young lady with great goals and an awesome future ahead of her.

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Please share with our readers your background and interests.

I currently live in Crystal lake, IL. I have 4 brothers and sisters and 2 of the best parents anyone could ask for. I recently graduated from North Boone High School and am now attending McHenry County College. I hope to continue on to the University of Chicago where I would like to major in business marketing, while continuing on competing of course!

I also work at Patty Tax Service & Information which is our family owned business. I enjoy relaxing movie nights with my friends at my house or shopping around the wonderful city of Chicago. Ever since I was a child, I always had a love for sports. I admired athletes who would work their heart out to be the best. I played basketball for about 8 years. The game taught me to set high goals for myself, never say I can’t, and never give up. Nothing is impossible, you just have to get up and go get it, and nothing will be handed to you.

May 2011 is when I was introduced to bikini competitions. My coach Nicole D’ Angelo Bryant spotted me in the middle of my high school gym class and recruited me on to her team B-Xtreme.

Who has inspired you the most to become a bikini athlete?

The person who has inspired me the most is my Coach Nicole D’ Angelo Bryant. She introduced me to this amazing sport. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to but excited to take on a new challenge in life, I accepted. She helped me grow as a person and as an athlete. She brought out the better and more confident person in me. She has guided me through as a coach and a friend, and no matter what, she has always believed in me. I can’t thank her enough for giving me this opportunity. B-Xtreme since day one has treated me like family and I know that where ever this journey takes me, they will always be behind me supporting me.

What competitions have you participated in and what placements did you achieve?

June 10, 2011 NABBA Illinois Cup, 2nd Place bikini
Arnold Sports Festival 2012

What is your next show and class?

I have two upcoming shows, June 2nd 2011, UFE Fury Chicago and July 7th in Saint Louis NANBF-IFPA PQ. I will be competing in the bikini class.

Where can fans find out more about you?

Fans can find more about me on my Facebook page.

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Why Do You Compete?


It’s a question that is asked so often: “Why do you compete”? I know why I do but I thought I’d put the question out there to see the responses.

To Challenge Myself (The most popular answer)

A lot of women who are already fit or bikini ready sometimes feel the need for a higher goal.  Deciding to compete is a way of taking them to the next level. Nothing shows dedication and strength like a fitness competition. They love watching their bodies change from ordinary to extraordinary!  One girl told me  “Win or lose, it didn’t matter. In my eyes I won as soon as I got on the stage”.

To Cross It Off My “Bucket List”

Many women answered that they wanted to do something to feel accomplished. They made the competitions a goal to achieve and then crossed it off their list. The ironic thing was, that they enjoyed competing so much that they became hooked after only one show!

To Defy the Aging Process

As time moves on, so does your strength and physical beauty.   Competitions have an interesting way of stopping that unflattering process. At 40 I could do more push ups that I could at the age of 20, simply because I wasn’t taking my health for granted anymore.  Competing is a great way to fight the aging process and feel confident again. Age shouldn’t define your physique, in fact some of the best bodies I have seen are on women over the age of 40!

A Weight Loss Goal

One girl I talked to had previously weighed 215 lbs before becoming a bikini competitor and you would never have believed it by looking at her now! These are the inspirational stories that move us into our own motivation.

“Competing is to show others that with enough dedication you can achieve ANYTHING! I competed the first time to prove to myself I could do it. I compete now because I love the process of changing my body through diet and exercise. I’m a competitive person, the stage is my carrot!” Kaylee Norton

To Show Off All My Hard Work

A lot of these women are nurses, teachers and moms. They are not interested in walking around town showing off their hard-earned abs. Competing is a perfect way for them to showcase their determination and commitment.  There is so much sacrifice and discipline that goes into this sport. It’s an amazing feeling to finally feel like your hard work is being displayed!

Because IT’S FUN!!!!

Ask any girl 4 weeks out from a competition if she is having fun. Usually you will get the answer “NO!”.  However, ask her again the day of the show and you will get a completely different answer. The pure adrenaline and thrill of the show are like no other feeling in the world. The glamour and sparkle of it all makes you feel beautiful. The lights and music make you feel like you are part of a spectacular Broadway Production for just one evening. A bonus to it all is the new friends you make and the experience that you will remember forever.

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Stacey Naito – Bikini Athlete


Stacey is burning up the bikini world with all her success, and this beauty is also a doctor and has a Bachelors degree in exercise science.

Please read more about Stacey.

Can you please share with our readers your background and interests?

I am a board certified family practice physician. I am also highly trained and experienced in cosmetic dermatology (lasers, Botox, fillers) and weight management. I hold a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Occidental College and have also worked as a fitness trainer for over 20 years. I have weight trained my entire adult life so I fell into the world of competition in 2009 quite easily. To date I have been in 15 competitions, with three national-level first place finishes in the Bikini Division of the NPC.

Who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Bikini Competitor?

My mother has always been my greatest inspiration to succeed in everything I endeavor to do, whether it be a medical degree, medical research, artistic excellence or competing. Ultimately I would love to have my mother watch me on my own television show since I strive to become the female version of Dr. Oz.

What competitions have you made appearances in, and what have been your placements?

I have competed in ten national NPC shows since 2009 with the following highlights:

IFBB North American September 2010 (Cleveland, OH) – 1st place Masters Bikini C, 3rd place Open Bikini C

NPC Masters Nationals July 2011 (Pittsburgh, PA) – 1st place Masters Bikini C

IFBB North American September 2010 (Cleveland, OH) – 1st place Open Bikini C, 2nd place Masters Bikini C

When is your next upcoming show and your competing class?

My next competition is the NPC Pittsburgh, where I will compete as a Masters and Open competitor in Bikini.

Where can fans find out more about you?

Visit me on Facebook! You can also check out my websites:




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