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Rachel Zeskind – Fitness Competition Preparation

Rachel Zeskind - Fitness Competition Preparation

Rachel Zeskind, a National level Competitor in Bikini, Bodybuilding, & Figure NPC shares her INSIDE knowledge on Fitness Competition Preparation.

1. What’s your current Nutritional Plan for Competition Preparation? What Supplements do you take?

I take about 1,450 calories per day…160g lean proteins, 122g clean carbs that are low on the glycemic index and 30g of healthy fats. I spread this over 6 meals.

2. What’s your weekly Training Split like (i.e. Doubles, Rest Days, etc.)?

I am currently training upper body in a weight circuit 1 time per week, glutes & hamstrings 2 times per week, 1 intense advanced yoga flow class (90 minutes) and I am easing into cardio in order to spare muscle wasting. Currently I am doing about 30 minutes of cardio, 3 days a week.

3. What’s your Cardio Schedule like (i.e. Morning Sessions, Double Sessions, etc)?

I mainly do cardio post weight training. As I increase my cardio I will break it up into cardio snacks…the first session being in the early morning before my first meal!

4. What techniques do you employ to best prepare you for a Competition (i.e. Posing Routines, Drying Out, Carb Cutting, etc.)?

I have carb depleted and “not” carb depleted during fitness competition preparation.

After comparing the results as well as weighing the health factors, energy levels, etc. I can say that there is no reason to ever carb deplete for longer than a few days! It’s all about creating a deficit in your calories!

The best results I have found are from increasing caloric burn through exercise!

As for drying out – dandilion and milkthistle tea – 5 bags of each making 1/5 gallon of tea and drinking that over the entire day. I began dropping water Wednesday prior to a show on Friday.

As for Posing…I begin aggressively practicing 4-6 weeks out, EVERY EVENING! I pose at night when I’m holding the most water and tired. This trick seems to make holding & hitting poses on the day of much easier!

5. What were your goals leading up to the competition and how did they help prepare you on stage?

Each competition I have different goals and areas I’m focusing on. The biggest tool I use is meditation and prayer to relax and focus the mind and body!

6. Looking back, how did you maintain balance in your life while in competition prep?

My last show was not a very balanced experience and therefore not as enjoyable as my current prep is currently going. What I have changed is trying to incorporate more things that I really enjoy into my prep. Things like yoga, cardio dance classes, belly dancing and hiking!

7. Did you experience any post-comp blues? If so, how did you deal with them?

Absolutely!!!! As soon as the water comes back and ‘normal people food’ hits my stomach I start feeling like a bloated whale…it’s incredibly important to not allow yourself to fall prey to the post competition dysmorphia!

Remember, feelings aren’t facts! Maintaining competition body fat year round would…

A. Not be Healthy, and…
B. Make you look old and haggard!

Try to surround yourself with people who can keep you grounded in reality and support you!

For more Information about Rachel Zeskind, visit her Website at RachelZeskind.com

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