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Heather Nappi – IFBB Bikini Pro


Heather is a new IFBB bikini pro on Team Bombshell(not to be confused with us!). She has the whole package with her great body and exotic looks. Heather will do amazing in the Pro League!

Please read Heather’s story.

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Lisa Brown – Bikini Competitor


I had the pleasure to train Lisa for 7 months to get her ready for her first competition. Lisa is a very motivated individual, and her hard work showed the minute she stepped foot on stage. Not only she was in super shape for her first competition, her confidence shined on stage. It was no surprise that she won her very first show.

Please read more about Lisa.

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Shrink your Booty


Do you feel like your booty is a little too big? Many women struggle with this specific area of their body, and thankfully there are a few solutions. First thing to consider is to take a look at your diet, chances are that you may be consuming too many processed foods or more calories than needed each day. When this occurs, the excess energy is stored as fat all over your body, including your glutes. If you want to decrease the size of your glutes, you need to combine a diet reduced in calories with regular exercise. These lifestyle changes are the first steps to take for shrinking your booty.

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Chady Dunmore – 2x WBFF Pro Bikini World Champion


Chady Dunmore has moved fast in the fitness world! She’s landed many Fitness Mag front covers such as Oxygen Women’s, Fit and Firm, World Physique and Fitness RX Magazines.

Not only is Chady a fitness model, she is also a mother and a musician!

Chady currently holds the undisputed title of 2x WBFF Pro Bikini World Champion!

All around, she’s a real inspiration to mothers and fitness competitors all around the globe!

Continue reading to find out More about Chady Dunmore…

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Karen Pang – Bikini Competitor and Fitness Model


Karen is an amazing athlete, and no matter what division she competes in, she always seems to dominate the stage!

A S.A.N. Nutrition sponsored athlete and personal trainer, Karen has so much going on for herself in the fitness world. 

Karen also made it into 2010 Hot and Fit 100 for Inside Fitness Magazine.

Continue reading to find out more about Karen Pang…

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