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Kerri Bolen – Female Bodybuilder

Kerri has an amazine physique that she has showcased as a female bodybuilder, physique and figure competitor.  Read more about Kerri below:

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself:

I put God first in my life and then my family. I have a wonderful husband who not only works out with me, but supports me through all my competitions! He is a big help! I have a 20 year old son that is in the US Air Force and currently in Texas. I am very proud of him for choosing to serve his country. I also have a wonderful step son. He lives near us and keeps us laughing.  I am 44 years old and have been competing on and off for a while. My first competition was bodybuilding in 1989 and it was huge show – I didn’t place in the top five in that one.  I competed once in 2003 and then did not compete again until my soon was a lot older.  It takes dedication and hard work and that takes some away from family time.

What competitions have you done?

NPC Jr. USA –  05/21/2011

Physique Division, Class A – 8th place
This was the first EVER women’s physique show and I was THRILLED to come in 8th place out of 22 ladies. Dana Lynn Bailey actually won my class.
NPC Jen Hendershott’s All Womens’ Weekend/Big Shott Classic  – 10/21/2011
3rd place – Figure A, 5th place – Masters Figure
NPC Excalibur – 08/21/2010
2nd place – Masters Figure, 3rd place – Figure A
NPC Upstate Classic – 08/07/2010
1st place – Masters Figure, 2nd place – Figure A
NPC Palmetto Cup Bodybuilding – 03/2003
1st place –  Lightweight Division
SNBF Supernatural Bodybuilding – 04/2003

3rd place – Lightweight Division

What inspires/motivates you?

I love sculpting my body and with each competition, I try to show up in better condition.  I compete with myself to see if I can surpass my last show as far as results and conditioning. Having a competition to look forward to is the ultimate goal I need to just stay in great shape all year long. Other people motivate me also. I can’t mention them all, but I have so many friends that compete and they truly inspire me also.


I have been interviewed by the following sites:

Rate My Arms – 2011
Fit Gems Nation, 2011 – Fit Gem of the Month
Promoting Women in Bodybuilding, Fitness and MMA – 2011
Real Feats of Strength – 2011
Sashay Magazine – Featured in July 2011 issue


Anything else to add:
I will be going back to my roots this year, back to bodybuilding and will be competing in several natural shows starting in July and continuing in August and September – shooting for my Natural Pro Card.  Wish me luck!  I won’t stop until I get it!
I would like to thank Muscle Bombshell for the interview!

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Noemi Pelegrin-Tudor – Female Bodybuilder

MuscleBombshell.com is very excited to Interview Noemi, 2010 Sandra Wickham Overall Bodybuilder winner.

There are not too many female bodybuilders left in the industry, and Noemi is definitely a Bodybuilder Pro in the making!

I personally had the pleasure to hang out with Noemi backstage at last years Sandra Wickham show. I must say she is a very sweet and genuine person!

Continue reading to find out more about Noemi Pelegrin-Tudor…

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Ditch the Fragile by Stephanie Joanne

Stephanie Joanne

To define the word fragile would be, easily broken, shattered, or damaged, delicate, brittle or frail. Are these the reasons why most ladies still steer far away from the weight room?

The fear of the weight room is so overwhelming for most of my female clients when they are starting out at the gym.

Fast forward a few months and they can’t get enough of it. I wish it were as simple as telling them to just not care what people think and stop thinking you’re going to embarrass yourself.

I must also address the nonsense idea that you are going to put on muscle. If your goal is to lose weight or tone up, realize that the only way to do this is to put on some good old lean muscle. So put your game face on and hit the weight room full force.

Be the powerful woman you know you are and strive for some strength within you. Once you peel away your shy self, and feel how empowering your body can make you feel, you will forever be addicted to using your muscle!

Here are some ways to “peel away the fragile” of the weight room today:

Step one- Ask for help! Trainers, members, anyone…we love talking fitness. I personally love when someone asks me for help with an exercise they are unsure of on the gym floor. Most trainers come with Egos, feed those slightly and we’re all yours.

Step two- Believe that you will not bulk up. It is actually impossible to do so as our bodies just do not have the genetic makeup. If you want to be lean and toned, you must lift weights and yes heavy weights.

Step three- Educated yourself. take time to learn about your body. There are a ton of resources online to help you. The amounts of time you spend thinking about what you wish you had could be converted into time well spend researching some new moves.

Step four- Just go! Start today..stop thinking about it. The sooner you grab that dumbbell and enter that dreaded weight room zone the sooner you will feel like the Muscle Bombshell that you already are.

 Lose the fragile and I’ll see you in the weight room!

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Muscle Bombshell

Muscle Bombshell caught up with the beautiful Elizabeth Crisante today, we had the pleasure of asking her about the much hyped Lingerie Football league. The fitness world will most certainly tune in to watch this Bombshell on the field. When she is not with her team, she is also a personal trainer at Extreme Fitness in Toronto.

Here is more on our newest Bombshell…

Briefly share with us your background (Education, Interests, etc.)?

I have a BA with a major in religious studies and minor in sociology, I studied at St. Francis Xavier University and Ryerson University.  I love horseback ridding, swimming, wake-boarding, football, and working out.  Weight training can be very addictive for me and is a fantastic outlet for me to clear my mind.

I currently play football; I am middle Linebacker for The Toronto Triumph, an expansion team in the Lingerie Football League.  It is new to Canada as well as new to me. I have never played football before but I have now become obsessed.

I am also a personal trainer so my introduction to football has also spiced up my own workout routine as well as my clients.

 Who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Fitness Competitor? 

I have been inspired by friends who play football, watching the dedication and focus they had on and off season was remarkable to me, leaving such an impact that when I had the opportunity to play football I knew it was the next challenge I needed to prove to myself the level of dedication and focus I was capable of.

My teammates now currently inspire me everyday, they are extremely hard working, funny, and driven women!

Where can fans find out more about you (website, published magazines, etc.)?

Our first home game is this September 17th, 2011 at the Richo coliseum, Toronto Triumph vs. Tampa Breeze.

You will see me #5 as well as my other very lovely teammates tearing up the gridiron. It is definitely an event you must attend!

Fans can find more of me on my Facebook page and more about The Toronto Triumph on our Facebook Fanpage Toronto Triumph , or the Lingerie Football League website www.lflus.com.

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Nancy Onyett – Female Bodybuilder

Nancy Onyett, Female Bodybuilder with a very good track record. She recently shared a bit about her background and experiences with us.

Here’s what Nancy had to say about her past experiences and future goals in her own words:

1. Briefly share with us your background(Education, Interests, etc.)?

I have a Master of Science in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I’m in family practice for past 10 years. I do own my practice Pyramid Preventative Medicine, I focus on family medicine, hormone imbalances and replacement, along with weight loss. I found by incorporating  hormones into diabetics, they lose weight faster than my regular weight loss patients. There is quite a bit of research on diseases and hormone imbalances due to obesity. It all ties together.

2. Who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Fitness Competitor?

I had a lot of trainers over the years in this sport some good and some bad.  The best trainer I have and had for past 4 years off and on taught me the military way of training.  He is the best for knowledge in off season and on season with prep. He is such an inspiration as he can push me harder and farther than anyone else. The way that he trained me mentally helps in all aspects of my life in addition to training.

3. What competitions have you made appearances in? From these, what were your placements (titles won)?

  • 1991 NANBA
  • 1st place Tall Class
  • 2004 NPC House of Fitness Arizona
  • 5th place Womens MiddleWeight
  • 2005 NPC Arizona State Bodybuilding and Fitness Show
  • 4th place Middleweight Open Womens Bodybuilding
  • 3rd place Middleweight Masters Women Bodybuilding
  • 2005 NPC Northern Arizona Bodybuilding and Fitness show
  • 4th place Middleweight Open Womens Bodybuilding
  • 2nd place Middleweight Master Women Bodybuilding
  • 2007 NPC Arizona State Bodybuilding and Fitness Show
  • 4th Womens Open Heavyweight BodyBuilding
  • 5th Womens Master Bodybuilding
  • 2007 LA Classic
  • 3rd Womens Open Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding
  • 2011 LA Classic
  • 4th Womens Open Bodybuilding

4. When is your next upcoming show? What will be your competing class?

My  next competition is in July 2012 the LA Classic.  I like Jon Lindsay and his judges.  I am still training for bodybuilding and that is what I have done all throughout my bodybuilding career.

5. Where can fans find out more about you (website, published magazines, etc.)?

Personal Site: www.PyramidPreventativeMedicine.com

Twitter: @pyramidmedicine

Facebook: Nancy Onyett

Facebook Page: Pyramid Preventative Medicine at Highland Medical Center

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