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This year I had the pleasure of attending the Boston Fitness America Championships at Regis College.

I was asked to hand out awards but I decided to attend the entire show to support some of my fellow competitors.

I was asked by my coach to step back stage in the morning to help out some of the girls if needed.

As I approached the back stage area I took notice as to how many “first time” competitors there were at this show. I remember being in that exact same spot 3 years ago. I had no one there to offer a lending hand either, I was a nervous wreck & not to mention had no idea what the heck I was doing!

Today would be different for these girls, my coach (Cathy Savage) took the time to help these girls in any way she could whether it be with their tans, make-up, suits etc…..

I watched her from her heart give the best advice you can give to a competitor, “go out on that stage & show them how beautiful you are from the inside & it will radiate on the outside, make it fun! All the hard work is done, be proud of your accomplishments! You are all beautiful!”

As a coach & competitor myself it is my goal is to spread that word in any way I can both within the competitive fitness industry & the “outside” world.

I myself have been to the shows where I have had my fingers stepped on by another girl while she was wearing her heels or have had water dropped on me “by mistake” so there were streaks in my tan. I have also been on the other end, where I have had so much love & support from my family, coaches the audience & so much fun backstage with my fellow competitors that I forgot I was even competing!

From these instances I learned that the so called world of competitive fitness does not have to be competitive at all! We are all the same in some respect, we all worked so hard to get where we are, we all had the good days & the bad days of diet & training.

For those of you who don’t compete we as women still hold a lot in common we all share similar stories, some good some bad, we all need each other & we all are certainly vulnerable at times.

My message today and everyday is to practice a random act of kindness to the girl or woman who looks like she needs a hand, say something nice to the girl or woman who looks like she may need to hear it.

Spread this kindness instead of being disdainful. I can tell you that it is a rewarding feeling to know that you made a difference in some one’s day by making it just a little bit better.

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