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I Thought I Was Done!

" I thought I was done". These are the very words I said out loud as I decided to start my competition prep last month.  Last time I was on stage was two years ago and I was happy with the outcome. I placed first in Masters and 2nd in Open. Then … [Read More...]


Robina Abramson

Muscle Bombshell had to opportunity of sitting down an interviewing this powerhouse fitness expert. Check out what she had to say. I am a mom of three boys ages nine, seven, and five, a personal trainer, fitness model pro with the INBA (PNBA), … [Read More...]


Steely Springham ~ Figure Athlete

1. Briefly share with us your background (Education, Interests, etc.)? Hi, I am Steely Springham. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer& Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coach. My passion for my clients, their health and wellness along with my … [Read More...]


Kelly Lockyer ~ Bikini Competitor

Kelly Lockyer shares her story with Musclebombshell: I can still remember the torture of being in gym class throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years, being picked last for any type of game that involved skill.  I am absolutely the … [Read More...]


Leg Press Lunacy! by Coach Eric Broser

Our guest writer Coach Eric Broser shares some secrets to training legs: Although the barbell squat is often referred to as the “king of lower body exercises” I have personally always found the leg press to be a superior quad-building … [Read More...]

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