Tyra Love WBFF PRO

It is always exciting when someone we know wins their pro card. Especially when you haved seen their journey. That dream came true this year  for Tyra Love of Ontario, Canada. In May she won her Pro card, WBFF Pro Fitness Model.

Tyra Love in a certified personal trainer, professional fitness model and bikini model. She has been published in Canada’s #1 Fitness magazine “Inside Fitness” . She was also named one of the Hot and Fit 100 fitness models in Canada.

Congratulations Tyra!!!

Tyra Love (May 2012) WBFF Pro



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  1. redmann25 says:

    An amazing woman & competitor who’s making it happen by believing in herself! I’m proud of you! Your dedication & commitment to improvement speak highly for you let that energy keep radiating. The hard work Ive seen you put forth to this point is amazing keep striving. I know it only gets better!

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