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I always enjoy talking with Skye Taylor. She has a great sense of  humor and is a constant inspiration to me. She has recently been invited to compete at The 2012 Olympia.  She is definetely one to watch in 2012.  Read more about Skye…..

Tell us a little about yourself:  

Born and raised in Utah. I grew up competing in dance and cheerleading. Always been passionate about being healthy and fit.  I moved to Las Vegas to pursue my cosmetology career in 2009. I met up with a trainer in Vegas and he convinced me into doing my first show which actually was figure. First competition I didn’t even place but I felt amazing knowing I put in all that hard work and dedication. Switched to Bikini for my next show and placed 1st and Overall. In October 2010 I decided to join Shannon Dey’s Team Bombshell. I have noticed huge improvements and I love the team support! Recently earned my Pro card at Team U this year. My second Pro show was Houston Pro where I received my Olympia invite! So many doors have opened for me in the last year and I am so grateful to be where  I am today!

What inspires you:  

 Fit people! People who take the time and put forth the effort to stay healthy and fit. It isn’t an easy task so I admire everyone who lives the fit lifestyle. Especially the moms out there who have kids, husbands, and families and still manage to make it all work. I have a hard enough time accomplishing everything being single so can’t even imagine what it would be like having a family to take care. One day I am sure I will learn how to make it all work.


What shows have you competed in?
 2010 NPC Nevada State Championship:  First place and Overall
USAs- 13th
2011 NPC Pitttsburgh- 13th
Jr. Nationals- 2nd
Team Universe- 2nd
Ft Lauderdale Pro- 13th
Houston Pro- 2nd


What has been your biggest accomplishment?
 Turning Pro and qualifying for Olympia in the same year


For more information on Skye:

Facebook: Skye Taylor IFBB Bikini Pro

Twitter: skyemtaylor

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful girl! personality plus,always willing to help someone.

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