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A rising star in the fitness world, Natalie is one to watch in 2012!! Read more about her…..

Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m a fitness model and bikini competitor who makes health a priority while holding down a very busy full-time job as a medical device sales representative. I cannot stray away from fitness because I refuse to let my Osteoporosis wear my bones down any further.I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 29. Doctors said my bones were like a 60 year olds.  I’ve chosen to take care of myself by lifting weights, increasing my cardio, and adding plyometrics to my workouts to keep my bones strong as I lose bone mass density.My success story began in January 2011 with weight lifting and H.I.I.T. training. I lost 20% body fat in 6 months by eating clean meals every 2 hours and working out 5 days week.   By June I had taken my first steps on the stage at the WBFF U.S. Championship in Boston, MA.  I placed in the top 10 and wanted more!  Two months later I competed at the WBFF World Championships where I placed 6th. Being on stage in front of thousands of people showing off my hard work is pretty awesome! But nothing can replace the feeling of a healthy mind and body.My motto in life: “Be in the best shape of your life, you only get one.”
What inspires you?
Seeing women that have overcome the challenges of having children, working full time, juggling families, battling diseases, and yet still finding the time and determination to be a fierce competitor!

 What competitions have you done?

*Placed 6th Bikini Diva WBFF Worlds Toronto 8/27/11 Show
*Ranking top 10 WBFF Bikini Diva U.S. Championships Boston 6/25/11 Show
*Published in Oxygen Magazine January 2012 Issue, “Future of Fitness” feature
*Published interview in World Physique Magazine 20111 Swimsuit Edition, page 17
*Published in July 2011 Summer issue World Physique magazine “FMI Model of the Month” featured ad.
*Power-Systems Ad Summer Catalog Model
Give us your best advice for 2012:
It’s important to have a strong support system.  My husband is my rock! He has supported me through tough times. Also, choose a mentor. Don’t be scared to ask for guidance, they were there once. Mine is Chady Dunmore, she pushed me when I thought I could not go any further.  Find those people in your life who will be there for you!
Thank you Margie Mack & Musclebomshell for the interview!
You can follow me on twitter @natalielerma or at My website will be coming soon Natalie Lerma   Fitness Model and Bikini Competitor

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