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I have met a lot of girls through my networking in the Fitness Industry but none have inspired me quite like Mandy. She is what I think of when I hear the words Muscle Bombshell. Read more about Mandy below…… 

Mandy is a wife, mom and 115lb powerhouse! Although she only stands 4’11” she can out lift most men at the gym.   Mandy is a sports nut as well as a huge football fan.  Not your typical girly girl, she speaks her mind and has an amazing spirit.

Mandy’s inspiration is STRONG women.  “Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows her way around a weight room”. She is inspired by the comments she hears when women thank her for being ~their~ inspiration.  It makes her happy to know that she has changed someone’s life for the better. That in return keeps her training hard and eating right to be her very best.

Mandy easily has a competitor’s body but doesn’t compete.  Her view on competing is simple.  She doesn’t need outside affirmation or criticism to let her know she is achieving her fitness goals. She enjoys training for herself alone.  She admires the physiques and discipline of the female competitor. However, it is not for her.  Mandy prefers the power lifting style and training for the occasional photo shoot.

Mandy has been weightlifting since 1996 and started power lifting in 2000.  She claims to be bitten by the “iron bug” and finds it difficult to take rest days at the gym. She does take rest days off because she knows they are just as important as training days.

Mandy’s advice:  Recently a good friend told me that other people’s opinions do not matter at all. As long as I am happy with myself, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I am learning that you have to live your life for YOU! Life is too short and you have to make each day count.


“I’m a lifter…period! I like to train and lift as heavy as I can. And I do it because it makes me happy!” ~Mandy Stafford


I’d like to thank Margie for this opportunity! You are such a sweetie and you inspire me daily.



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