I Thought I Was Done!

DSC_9859” I thought I was done”. These are the very words I said out loud as I decided to start my competition prep last month.  Last time I was on stage was two years ago and I was happy with the outcome. I placed first in Masters and 2nd in Open. Then why do I find myself in prep once again?

I think it’s the power that competition prep gives me, the power to have control over your body….instead of your body having control over you.

The combination of training hard and a structured diet produces amazing results, so amazing you feel the need to display your work on stage. I don’t feel that when I compete, that I am up against the other women standing on stage with me, at least that’s not my mindset. I compete against myself; the woman who has had 2 kids, has to juggle her busy schedule to get those workouts in, and the woman who has to say “no” to the food temptations that most people eat on a daily basis. In a world where women are seen as fragile and sometimes even suffer from low self esteem, it is empowering to train for a competition. The training makes you physically stronger, the diet makes you disciplined and the makeup and sparkles make you feel absolutely beautiful. I, for one, would like to set an example for women and young girls out there. You CAN have abs after 30!!!! You CAN have strength to whip out 20 pushups at anytime!!! You don’t actually need to train for a competition to achieve these results, that is just a personal choice for me. The process puts me in a whole different mindset and I enjoy doing it, so why not, let’s do another show….or two!




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