Friends in the Competition World

If you have ever competed you know the feeling. The feeling of judgment when you take a peek at who your competition is. You size up the other team, watching how they warm up, checking out their every movement. I must admit I was like that until I got into competitive bodybuilding and my eyes were opened to a whole different world.

My first figure competition I was on my own backstage. I entered the green room with my stuff and started to get ready.  All the other girls had teams of people tanning them, doing their hair etc…. It didn’t bother me until I needed help with my suit. I was having difficulty gluing myself in and then I heard a sweet voice say, “Do you need help with that?” WHAT? A fellow competitor was going to help ME? I didn’t know how to receive that. I thought we were supposed to be aloof and not talk to the competition.  I didn’t understand, how was I supposed to be intimidating when these girls were being so nice to me?

I realized that we were all there for the same reason, to compete. These ladies understood what it took to get there. They all dieted, they all trained hard, they were all wearing 6 inch stilettos and a fake tan with a teeny, tiny, bikini.  Our greatest competition was not against each other but against ourselves. We train and prepare to be the best we can be, the rest is up to the judges.  We don’t need to dishearten  each other or act rude. Our job is to present our physique in the best way we can and to have fun while doing so.  Making a friend in the figure world can be a huge gift.  Who else can understand you better than a fellow competitor?

I let the other girl help me glue my suit, when she ran out of hairspray I let her borrow mine.  I found myself smiling more, laughing with the other girls and having a great time. In fact I have made some great friendships that go far beyond the stage.  We have stayed in touch after the shows and chat regularly about new training exercises and new ways to spice up food.

Competitions may only last one night but friendships can last forever. Here is to all my girls who have turned from my competition to my friends. You know who you are! I am so very blessed to have you in my life. 

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