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Larissa Reis – IFBB Pro Figure Athlete

Larissa Reis IFBB Pro Figure Athlete


Larissa Reis may look familiar to you…

That’s because she’s presently sponsored by Nutrex….a Supplement Giant in the Fitness Industry!

This Brazilian IFBB Pro also been featured in numerous publications such as Outlaw Biker Mag, Super Treino Mag, Planet Muscle, Nutrex and Vitrix Ads carried though most major Bodybuilding publications (Muscular Development, Muscle and Fitness, MuscleMag).

Larissa comes from humble beginnings, but her resiliency, hard work and dedication to paving her own way is what has allowed her to see the level of success she is currently experiencing.

To find out more about Larissa, you can visit her personal site at or connect with her on her Facebook Page at

Larissa’s Competition History :

’11 New York Pro – 3th Place
’11 Arnold Classic – 11th Place
’10 Olympia – 10th Place
’10 Arnold Classic – 6th Place
’09 Olympia – 12th Place
’09 New York Pro – 2nd place
’09 Atlantic City Pro – 1st Place
’08 New York Pro – 10th
’07 World Championship, Barcelona – 2nd Place (Received IFBB Pro Card)
’06 World Championship, Barcelona – 3rd Place
’06 Brazilian Championship – 1st Place
’05 South American Championship – 1st Place

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Jamie Eason – World’s Fittest Model!

Who hasn’t heard of Jamie Eason these days?

This girl really hit it big in the Bodybuilding and Fitness world…truly living the dream!

Her story to Stardom status is truly inspirational….you can get a glimpse of it here at

She’s regarded as the “World’s Fittest Model”! Now that is a title worth wearing on your shoulder…although she is a very humble and down to earth with the level of success she has achieved.

She’s currently the face for!

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