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Kerri Bolen – Female Bodybuilder

Kerri has an amazine physique that she has showcased as a female bodybuilder, physique and figure competitor.  Read more about Kerri below:

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself:

I put God first in my life and then my family. I have a wonderful husband who not only works out with me, but supports me through all my competitions! He is a big help! I have a 20 year old son that is in the US Air Force and currently in Texas. I am very proud of him for choosing to serve his country. I also have a wonderful step son. He lives near us and keeps us laughing.  I am 44 years old and have been competing on and off for a while. My first competition was bodybuilding in 1989 and it was huge show – I didn’t place in the top five in that one.  I competed once in 2003 and then did not compete again until my soon was a lot older.  It takes dedication and hard work and that takes some away from family time.

What competitions have you done?

NPC Jr. USA –  05/21/2011

Physique Division, Class A – 8th place
This was the first EVER women’s physique show and I was THRILLED to come in 8th place out of 22 ladies. Dana Lynn Bailey actually won my class.
NPC Jen Hendershott’s All Womens’ Weekend/Big Shott Classic  – 10/21/2011
3rd place – Figure A, 5th place – Masters Figure
NPC Excalibur – 08/21/2010
2nd place – Masters Figure, 3rd place – Figure A
NPC Upstate Classic – 08/07/2010
1st place – Masters Figure, 2nd place – Figure A
NPC Palmetto Cup Bodybuilding – 03/2003
1st place –  Lightweight Division
SNBF Supernatural Bodybuilding – 04/2003

3rd place – Lightweight Division

What inspires/motivates you?

I love sculpting my body and with each competition, I try to show up in better condition.  I compete with myself to see if I can surpass my last show as far as results and conditioning. Having a competition to look forward to is the ultimate goal I need to just stay in great shape all year long. Other people motivate me also. I can’t mention them all, but I have so many friends that compete and they truly inspire me also.


I have been interviewed by the following sites:

Rate My Arms – 2011
Fit Gems Nation, 2011 – Fit Gem of the Month
Promoting Women in Bodybuilding, Fitness and MMA – 2011
Real Feats of Strength – 2011
Sashay Magazine – Featured in July 2011 issue


Anything else to add:
I will be going back to my roots this year, back to bodybuilding and will be competing in several natural shows starting in July and continuing in August and September – shooting for my Natural Pro Card.  Wish me luck!  I won’t stop until I get it!
I would like to thank Muscle Bombshell for the interview!

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Lisamarie Benito – Female Bodybuilder

Lisamarie Benito is a Female Bodybuilder new to the competitive arena! We’re also proud to support Lisamarie as a Female Bodybuilder on!

Lisamarie has made major changes to her physique! Changes that most people would think would be impossible to do!

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