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How to achieve your goals!

Today’s article is going to explore goals, goal setting and look at the reasons why people often fail.


I think it’s fair to say that at one time or another we have all set ourselves a goal and failed at it. Sometimes this is because the goal was unrealistic but more often than not it is because although the goal was achievable, the steps and processes needed to get there were not well planned, followed or executed properly.

Let’s think of this another way for a moment: you want to make a chocolate cake with butter crème icing. You have all the ingredients and the recipe book and the oven, but instead of opening the packets, weighing the ingredients, shelling the eggs and mixing everything thoroughly before placing it in the oven, you just dump everything in a bowl (packaging, shell, you-name it, it’s going in!) you don’t stir it, and then you put it in the oven and burn it to a crisp, that’s going to be one disgusting cake! This doesn’t mean that you will always be a failure at baking cakes, it just means that you need to change your approach and follow a number of smaller steps to get to the end result that you want.

It’s about taking things one step at a time and doing everything properly.

The 2 main goals that I find within the fitness community or those first stating out are the following:

1)       Weight loss

2)       Muscle gain

These are both similar in the fact that they require long-term work to achieve but it is easy to become despondent.

To achieve your goals look at the bigger picture first: what is your ultimate dream / goal? “I want to be a Pro Bikini Model”.

Once you have set that initial goal ask yourself how you need to get there? What qualifications / wins / shows do you need to achieve / complete or compete in to be eligible to become a pro?

Look at people who have already achieved your goals. Compare yourself. You need to become your own biggest critic. Look at the stats of people competing at the level that you want to be. How do you measure up? If the leading atheletes have 32” busts, 28” hamstring / quad diameters, defined 6 pacs, then you need to compare that to yourself.
Set yourself a bi-weekly goal of 1/2 an inch loss or gain in your chosen area.
Keep a diary, record your achievements, comment on areas where you’re struggling.

The key thing is to be aware when something isn’t working. If something isn’t working you are wasting your time. That’s not to say you won’t achieve your goals, not at all, what I am saying is that you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect to see a different result.

If something isn’t working, tweak it, change it, try again. Keep a record of your changes and new things you are trying – but don’t change too many things at once!

Overall my advice would be your bigger picture is your motivation, the smaller steps are your goals that will get you to your bigger picture. What you do to achieve your goals are your tools. Make sure you have the right tools.

Train Hard

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Cupcake Temptation

It’s about 11:30 on this chilly, Sunday afternoon and my children have decided to bake cupcakes. I don’t mind, it keeps them happy and they enjoy eating the yummy treats. I am not tempted by sugary treats so I’m ok. However, they smell really good today.  The smell of fresh baked cupcakes fills my house. The cupcakes smell delicious and they look even more delicious. They are decorated with pink frosting and sprinkles and they are calling to me now!

What do I do!? This is never a problem for me! I think the combination of the weather and homemade baking is too much for me to bear. Ordinarily a competitor just keeps these treats out of the house but when you are a mom it is nearly impossible.  I can’t deny my children the experience of baking and eating pretty pink frosted cupcakes.

I grabbed my digital camera and headed up to my bedroom. I put on the tiniest bikini I could find and took progress pictures of myself.  OH WOW! Ok, I suddenly lost my craving for the cupcakes! Instead I was craving a high intensity cardio session. Amazing what a little reality check like this can do.  Competition season will be here soon and I do not want to hold my results back. No, I didn’t look terrible, but it wasn’t nearly stage ready. My abs were starting to come in nicely and nothing, let alone a cupcake, could stop me now. 

I always think about the girls that will stand on stage with me in my class.  I imagine them staying on track with their diets and training hard.  I imagine them looking amazing as they raise the bar of competition. It is here that my competitive mindset takes over. Here is where it really matters what decision I make.

Well,  I can happily report that I stayed away from the cupcakes. I turned my nose up as I passed them by and went for a nice hot cup of herbal tea instead. It was just what I needed to feel cozy and warm on this freezing cold day.  A cupcake doesn’t seem like much but it could make the difference between first and last place. Remember, it only takes a single grain of rice to tip a scale. 

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