Staying Fit on Vacation


It’s that time of year again where a lot of people are planning their winter get away. The thought of palm trees, beaches, and slushy drinks is very appealing and so much fun for us all. Relaxing at a tropical paradise is a great way to regroup from a busy year.

There are two downsides of a tropical vacation: first one is coming back, and the second and worst part is the weight gain. As much as sipping on a Pina Colada in the hot sun on the beach is amazing, it also comes with a high-calorie price of added pounds.

Most people will not even think of working out or doing anything active during their trip since the attitude is “I am on vacation and don’t want to do anything”. Getting some sort of physical activity during your trip is very beneficial in so many ways, and I believe we all should make time to keep healthy and active during our sun-filled holiday.

Burn Some Calories

Even though exercise will not burn off all the alcohol that most people consume during their trip, at least it will help a little and hopefully keep some of the pounds off. You still want to look good on the beach, right?

Get Some Extra Energy

In my experience, sunning all day and having a few cocktails will drain the body of energy. What better way to start your day then to have a short session in the hotel gym and get your energy flowing for the day. If you start your day with a great workout, you will be less likely to sabotage yourself later on.

Try New Things

A vacation is a great time to experience new activities like horseback riding, kayaking, or snorkelling. These are all fun activities that will definitely burn the extra calories, and you most likely won’t feel like you are working out since these activities are fun!

Have a Beach Workout

The first time I had a beach workout, it was great! Even though I had some strange looks from people, I really did not care. It was so exhilarating to do push ups and walking lunges while the waves were lapping at my feet. It really was a fun way to get some exercise! Add a few races into the ocean and run back to the beach for more squats!

Go For a Beach Run

If you love running, may as well do it in paradise. With all the different things you will see during your run, you may forget about time and your 20 minute run may turn into 1 hour.

Watch Out For The Buffet

When you are choosing your food at the buffet, make wise choices. Fill up on protein, fruit and vegetables before grabbing all the goodies and high carbohydrate foods. All the extra pizza, cake, pasta and cookies along with the alcohol is a disaster waiting to rip your jeans when you get home after your trip.

On your next vacation, try to fit in exercise. Include your friends and family and have fun doing so. Resorts usually have some sort of activities for their guests to try every day like water aerobics, beach volleyball and yoga. There is no reason to pack on the pounds while on vacation, and you will not only feel relaxed when you get back, you will also feel good about yourself when you didn’t gain 10 pounds and you still fit in your clothes.

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