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Adventures of MsFitBC

On my recent travels to Thailand, I decided to start You Tube fitness videos called “Adventures of MsFitBC”, which is my twitter name. I wanted to make these videos to show everyone how easy it is to keep fit and healthy while traveling. Lots of hotels and resorts I stayed at offered free kayaks, snorkeling equipment, and also had small gyms. Thailand is so scenic, it was very easy to roll out of bed and go for a morning jog on the beach. There were also many hiking trails to explore, and lots of chances for an evening walk during the beautiful sunset. How could I not be active?

Prior to vacation, many people bust their butts in the gym to lose a few pounds before putting on their swimsuits, only to sacrifice all their hard work by eating poorly, drinking lots of alcohol and not staying active. Months of hard work can be undone in a matter of days. These videos are meant to inspire others to remain active on their vacations, and to show how fun it is to do so!

I still had my fun, drinking a few of Thailand’s popular beers under the hot sun and indulging in the rich curry dishes. But I still made healthy choices to avoid sabotaging my body on my month-long travels. It was so easy to eat healthy in Thailand! Fresh fruits, seafood and chicken were easily available everywhere we went, and yes I did eat from street vendors. I couldn’t help myself! Fresh chicken kabobs with pineapple, peppers and onions, they were so delicious! Then dessert would be a walk down the street to a fruit vendor with Thailand’s delicious fresh fruits like pineapple, mango and papaya.

Hope I have inspired a few of our readers!

Angelique Kronebusch – MB Writer

Monthly Highlight

Thanks for all the support! It is because of all of you we have gotten this far!


You have helped us succeed and we have decided to give this all back to “You” 100%!

100% of Proceeds after cost of ALL Gear & Apparel purchased online will go towards the “MB Foundation”, which will help give future sponsorships and scholarships to deserving athletes and competitors. Know that if someone is wearing MB, you are Supporting an Athlete! MBpromosLLC.com is our flagship business that is making this all possible. If you would like to be considered for 2013, you can apply here!.

Musclebombshell.com was founded to support female fitness competitors from all levels and backgrounds! Our mission is to impact the wider community to live healthier lives. We do this by showcasing interviews of successful athletes everyone can relate with. Our goal is to bring positive change to the fitness industry so that no one is left behind!

Sam Rivera, Founder of MB

Benefits of Vitamin D

Most of us are anticipating the arrival of spring, and not all of us are lucky enough to live in warm and sunny places all year around, and the lack of sunshine can affect our mood and even our energy levels.

The Canadian Cancer Society recommends 1,000 IU of Vitamin D per day, while the current US Government recommends 600 IU for children and adults up to the age of 70, and seniors 70+ 800 IU per day. Studies are still being held on what is the most appropriate dosage. The Vitamin D supplement comes in pill or liquid form, and there is also a vegetarian form of the supplement containing the plant form D2 (ergocalciferol) and can be found at your local grocery store.

Adequate levels of vitamin D can help in the prevention of many conditions and illnesses including Cancer, Heart disease, Hypertension, Depression, Arthritis and Diabetes. Vitamin D can also help boost your immune system to keep you healthy. It’s also required for your body to absorb calcium. To say it’s an essential nutrient is an understatement. Time to stock up your cupboards!

Are you Over-Training?

As fitness athletes, we are obsessed with training and pushing our bodies to the max. This can be very rewarding for your body and your mind. But sometimes obsession can lead to over-training, which can be detrimental to the body, leading to injuries, illness and body dysmorphic disorder.

Over-training is something most of us do not think about. Over-training can be very negative for your body and overall fitness goals. Here is a list of signs that you may be over-training:

Prolonged muscle soreness
Elevated resting heart rate
Increased colds and flues
Loss of motivation
Increased injuries
Decrease in training intensity
A compulsive need to exercise
Decreased appetite

Do any of these signs stand out to you? Chances are you may be over-training. Think about your usual habits in the gym. If you are only training 4-6 times per week for 1 hour, you are most likely not over-training. If you are never taking a break and training 2-3 hours per day, then over-training is probably what you are experiencing.

Use a training log and write down how you feel after every training session to keep yourself in check. Go back and read what you have written down, and look for signs in your own words of decreased enthusiasm and downward trends in your training. It is important to listen to your body signals and rest when you are tired.

Articles written by Angelique Kronebusch

Angelique Kronebusch is a BCRPA registered Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Fitness and Bikini Model…and a Published Fitness Columnist for MuscleBombshell.com

To learn more about Angelique, read her featured columns on Musclebombshell.com or visiting her facebook page or her personal site here!

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