Noemi Pelegrin-Tudor – Female Bodybuilder is very excited to Interview Noemi, 2010 Sandra Wickham Overall Bodybuilder winner.

There are not too many female bodybuilders left in the industry, and Noemi is definitely a Bodybuilder Pro in the making!

I personally had the pleasure to hang out with Noemi backstage at last years Sandra Wickham show. I must say she is a very sweet and genuine person!

Continue reading to find out more about Noemi Pelegrin-Tudor…

Could you briefly share with us your background, interests and some of your current projects?

I was born in Madrid, Spain and immigrated to Canada in 1973. I graduated from Queen Elizabeth Senior High.  I went to college and became a Legal Assistant.

My dream had always been to have a career in the Aviation industry as a Flight Attendant.  Unfortunately my height being 5’1 always prevented me from getting my dream career.

I have and always will be a firm believer that dreams can come true if you truly believe.  I never allowed anyone or anything to stand as an obstacle in my way.  My famous quote is “I’m not sure how or when it will happen, but it WILL happen.”  It is because of my strong belief in myself that my dream came true.  On Nov 23, 2010, I became a Flight Attendant for Sunwing Airlines.

My interests include Martial Arts, kickboxing, target practice, sparring, training and competing, writing and traveling.

Could you share with us who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Competitive Bodybuilder and Beyond?

Who inspired me?  That’s difficult to answer because I never have looked for anyone to inspire me.  I’ve always felt that, it’s my job to motivate and inspire myself.  For me it must come from within.

In bodybuilding if I had to choose a person that I can relate to because, I share the same view on the building of a perfect body and physique, that person would have to be Frank Zane. Although, a male bodybuilder, he believed that it wasn’t about how huge you could get but more about perfect symmetry.

I think that is what bodybuilding should be about, especially when it comes to women. I believe, that being a woman is about femininity. It is important for me to remain feminine in a male dominated sport.  Through the years, I believe women’s bodybuilding has lost that. 

I hope that, the physique I bring to the stage will bring me recognition for the most feminine female bodybuilder to ever hit the stage, and maybe even encourage other women and/or Figure competitors to cross over, like I did.

You are a very accomplished Competitive Bodybuilder. Could you share some of the competitions you have made appearances in? From these, what were your placements?

My very first show was at the 2008 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic.  I was asked to do the show based on potential someone saw in me.  I had 90 days to prepare myself to compete.  I knew nothing about nothing!

Along with sporadic diet coaching many things, I found out on my own through trial and error and listening to my body. In a nutshell I needed to have control over my own body and not leave my results in the hands of someone else.  My trainer has and always will be my husband Lance Tudor.

I placed 7th in Figure Short and 10th in Masters.  Pleased, Although, I knew that with more time, I would be a force to be reckoned with.

The following year I returned to compete at the 2009 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic.  I trained hard and dieted basically for the entire year.  I was leaner harder and looked in my eyes amazing! Unfortunately, the Judges felt I was in fact way to ripped for the Figure category and docked me considerable points for that.  I placed 2nd to last.  I was devastated and to be honest really pissed off.

After the show, I had many people approach me and encouraged me to switch to bodybuilding.   I was totally against it and felt a little insulted.

As I mentioned earlier I felt there was nothing feminine about women’s bodybuilding. Although my husband was disappointed and shocked with my results, he encouraged me to try bodybuilding.

They say good things come in three, so I changed my thought process and decided I would make my body look the way I wanted it to look for bodybuilding.  Win or lose, my physique would represent what I felt a female bodybuilder should look like. Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2010 became the year that all my hard work dedication and tenacity would be rewarded.

During my grueling training to become a Flight Attendant, I was also training and dieting for the show. As well, I choreographed my own routine with the help of my younger sister.  All this and still managing to keep the 90% average in order to remain in the Flight Attendant training class.

The day of the show, I felt confident and excited. I felt pre-judging had gone well and I felt my posing was dead on. The hard part in my eyes was yet to come.

My CD did not work when it came time for my routine.  Sandra Wickham herself tried to help along with many of her volunteers and to this day, I am very thankful to all of them. I decided I would do the routine without music. The music played in my head.  What I did hear was the clapping by the audience cheering me on.  When I finished the audience roared with cheers! I was so overwhelmed with emotion when I got off stage all I could do was cry!  I was just so very thankful!

That evening I placed 1st in Women’s lightweight, 1st in Masters and took Overall Champion. One week later I received my Flight Attendant wings.

Noemi and Angelique backstage at the 2010 Sandra Wickham

When is your next scheduled competition to take place, and what will be your competing class?

My next show will be the upcoming B.C. Provincials, June 2012. I will be competing in Women’s Bodybuilding: Lightweight and Masters.  I am also thinking about doing the Physique category.  Need to know more about it, before I make my decision.

Where can fans find out more about you and your upcoming projects?

I had to laugh when asked where my fans could find out more about me?  Fans?  I have fans? LOL! Being asked to do this interview blew my mind!

If there are people out there that have followed my journey and struggles or simply just heard of me through this interview that would like to find out more about me, I am honored.

Please check me out on Facebook.  For now that is where I post my contest photos and contest prep updates.  I also did a couple of photo shoots with JP Erickson of

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