Nikki Baron – Bikini Competitor

Nikki Baron – Bikini Competitor

This Canadian cutie is definitely going to turn some heads! Read more about Nikki…

1. Briefly share with us your background(Education, Interests, etc.)?

I work in Edmonton as a Community Disabilities Practitioner and am currently working towards a Certificate as a Health Care Aide. Love spending time at the gym training for competitions,  pool and hot yoga classes!

2. Who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Fitness Competitor?

I am inspired by a number of IFBB Pros…Nicole Nagrani, Larissa Reis, Amanda Latona to name a few. I also look to my trainer and to myself for inspiration to keep pushing as hard as I can!

3. What competitions have you made appearances in? From these, what were your placements (titles won)?

My first show was the 2011 Alberta Provincials where I placed 16th out of a class 28 in Bikini Medium, which was a very big group! Loved the show and had a blast for my first time.

4. When is your next upcoming show? What will be your competing class?

Next competition will be the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic in New Westminister, BC, November 2011 in Bikini again! Bringing a new look for this show and excited to rock the stage!

5. Where can fans find out more about you (website, published magazines, etc.)?

My competition pictures can be found at

Also look me up on Facebook!


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