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Just after 4 competitions, Louise received her IFBB Figure Pro Card!

In extremely amazing shape, Louise proves that staying in shape is possible with a busy and hectic work schedule. Just looking at her pictures makes me want to work out more!

Please read more about Louise…

Could you briefly share with us your background, interests and some of your current projects?

I’m a professional personal trainer from the UK. I’ve been a trainer for 10 years, and I recently took my IFBB Pro card in the figure division. Well I say recently…but it was actually last year now! I have competed just 4 times so far…

In terms of my education, I have a degree in educated and I really enjoy learning new things! Not simply about fitness, I am also interested in social and political sciences…yes I am rather geekish!

I work full-time, and I train full-time.. I pack a lot in to my days and I am generally up from about 5.30am and busy right through.

Other interests aside from training include… traveling, socializing, partying.. oh and I also have a lovely chihuahua called Cindy, and a boyfriend whom I adore.

Could you share with us who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Figure Competitor and Beyond?

Easy question – Monica Brant!

I remember at 20 years old looking through Muscle and Fitness magazines and thinking… Oh my goodness – she is magnificent.

Since competing I am now heavily inspired by Larissa Reis; I think she has an exceptional look.

You are a very accomplished Figure Competitor. Could you share some of the competitions you have made appearances in? From these, what were your placements?

In the amateur IFBB in the UK (called the UKBFF) I competed twice…

  1. Regional Southern Qualifier – 1st Place.
  2. British Championship Finals – 1st Place.
  3. IFBB World Championships – Winning IFBB Pro Card.
  4. Europa Dallas – 16th.

So – that’s about all I have done so far! I have to admit my last show was a disaster due to the airline loosing all my luggage…meaning I had nothing except my hand bag whilst in Dallas up until the day before the show.

I supposed the stress of that really did me some damage.. I lost a serious amount of water and looked rather insect like.. ha-ha.

When is your next scheduled competition to take place, and what will be your competing class?

I will be competing next year in the IFBB Figure class. I have given myself this year off due to serious illness earlier in the year.

I am hoping to compete in Europe because I’m a little worried about the traveling experience abroad.. It’s quite difficult competing from the UK in the pro league because the majority of the competitions are in America. I will just have to make sure I time the flight properly…and perhaps carry all my competition bits and pieces on board the flight with me!

Life can be quite demanding! Could you explain to us how you maintained balance in your life while in competition prep?

It was tricky! When I did the world championships I was working, training every day, dieting, doing my dissertation, exams, and maintaining a relationship.. In short it was tough! But with the support of family and friends it made it possible.

We’re curious, what’s your current Nutritional and Supplement regimen like?

50% protein, 35% carbohydrate, 15% fat. I have been known to drop my fat very low before.. although this isn’t always the best option because it can make your hair and skin weak. I also tend to eat the same sort of foods, weigh everything out etc..  I like my diet very strict because in this way I can normally reduce the amount of cardio I do (because it’s not the most thrilling part of my training! ha)

I go through phases of using supplements, etc.. at times I have taken ridiculous amounts of vitamins but these days I only take essentials, otherwise I end up feeling as though I am rattling! I always make sure I have a good source of protein too.

Where can fans find out more about you and your upcoming projects?

My website is: Http://www.louise-rogers.co.uk

I also do some work sometimes for The Active Channel .. but that’s in the Uk/Europe. I have a new series being filmed next month.

I have been featured in Muscle and Fitness, Flex etc in the past.. I think recently I was in Muscular Development.. I haven’t seen it properly, although my mother did and commented on my pink undies!!

Thank you!! Good luck with MuscleBombshell.com – the name has a great ring to it! 🙂

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