Lee Michelle – Bikini Athlete


It’s hard to believe that Lee Michelle has 3 children, but its true!

Lee Michelle not only proved that you can train and be dedicated to health and fitness with 3 children, but she also proves that anything is achievable with the right mind-set.

Continue reading to learn more about Lee Michelle.

Could you please share with us your background and interests?

I am firstly a mother of three kids aged 8 – 6 and 2 – they themselves keep me busy and are truly the loves of my life!

I have a very supportive husband who has encouraged me along the way with all the challenges we face on a daily basis. 

I am in the education sector and work an average 60 hours a week ! I love my job but recently realized that there needs to be a balance in life with work, home and personal.

I recently got my personal trainer certificate and am looking to expand in the career as a personal trainer and own boot camps in the future.

What has been your biggest inspiration to get you started with competing and fitness?

I have always been self motivated in fitness…starting when I was in high school I was playing all school sports and baseball in the community.

I love how I feel after a work out and the feeling of euphoria and well-being that follows. 

It is just recently I have gotten into fitness competitions as I had a stressful personal event happen to me. I needed  to figure out who I was again which involved focusing on bettering myself – and get back the love of me before I could truly ensure my family is taken care of. This has been an overwhelming powerful experience as I grew mentally and spiritually through the training of my first competition.

What competitions have you been in so far?

My first competition was The Sandra Wickham Fall Classic November 12th 2011- I placed fifth in the Bikini Tall Division.

When is your next show and what division will you compete in?

My next show will be in Kelowna at the 2012 Western Canadians – again in the Bikini Division

Where can fans contact you?

I can be reached at michellecondgon@hotmail.com

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