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Even though Kait has a very busy professional life, she is also a mother who has found time to lose a tremendous amount of weight.

She also works for the International Bodybuilding Federation of Canada and also competes. Kait shows that it is never impossible to get the body you desire.

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Kait is a consultant with specializations in organizational change management and communications. She has multiple certifications in project management, conflict management and is also a trained negotiator and facilitator. Professionally, she works with large corporations to help manage people through changes in their work environments.

In her personal consultancy, she works with clients, one-on-one to bring them through personal change, specifically around their desire to change self-destructive behavior that hampers their ability to live a healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about her practice and often spends a lot of time reminding people to “live with purpose”.

In addition to being the mother of a six year old little girl, Kait is also the Organizational Director for the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation (INBF) Canada.

Kait has been inspired by many people as she’s driven toward her goals as a natural, competitive athlete. She’s always chosen to surround herself with true champions who uplift her and focus her toward her goals.

Her main sources of inspiration come from right within her intimate social circle; her very dear friends, Monique Holmes, Lynda Wienchnik and Kat Kocielska were instrumental in supporting her through to her first competition in April, where she stood proud at -100lbs lighter than when she started her journey. In total, Kait has lost 105lbs since December 2009.

Kait’s additional inspiration comes from the relationships she’s developed with her mentor and coach, Rozanne Pyper-Davidson and her very good friend and colleague Mathew Park. This group, together with her friends and family, have provided her with the opportunity to be successful as an athlete, inside and out.

Kait has been in two competitions during her rookie year as an athlete, the INBF Stampede Classic (Calgary, AB – 9th, Best Body Tall) and the INBF Vancouver Cup (Vancouver, BC – 3rd, Best Body Tall).

Kait is taking the remainder of the year and most of 2012 to focus on building lean mass and leaning down another 25-30lbs. She is working toward competing in September & October 2012 in the Ms. Fit categories with the INBF in their Vancouver and Edmonton competitions.

To hear more about Kait’s journey to health, wellness and success, visit her website at www.nomocameltoe.com where she works to inspire and drive others to live with purpose and drive toward the best they have in themselves!

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