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Bikini athlete, make up artist and chef! This talented beauty has what it takes to make it in the fitness industry.

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Could you please tell our readers a bit more about you and your interests?

I am a Californian born, Hawaiian raised island girl, with a Chinese-English background.

From an adolescent age, I had struggled with mixed racial and multicultural environments. I got to a certain point in my life where I felt ashamed and disgusted with myself. Then enough was enough. Aspired by art and color, I had a vision of becoming a makeup artist initiated by a passion with the MAC Cosmetics counter in our small town.

With this dream, I started to take care of myself. I quit eating fast food, made better choices and considered a gym membership. It was extremely intimidating but I lived one minute at a time and grew a passion for exercise. It gave me more energy, made me feel better and eventually look better.

I moved out to California within the next 6 months and got my makeup artist masters certification and my passion for fitness bloomed. I met more people within the industry and made friends in the gym.

I also started my own personal chef and individual catering services. I love cooking & baking healthy and nutritious recipes with healthier options & alternatives.

Who has inspired you the most to become a bikini competitor?

Amanda Latona has inspired me the most throughout my fitness exposure and I used to admire her in magazines and now I am training under her coach, Kim Oddo. She is a constant motivation to me and I see her body as a perfect example of bikini physique!

What competitions have you made appearances in, and what placements?

I was determined to improve my physique and constantly made new goals. Ultimately, I started competing in local NPC shows.

My first show was the NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding Muscle Contest of Mar 28, 2010 (13th place), the GNC Muscle Contest of Jul 24, 2010 (13th place) and California State Bikini Championships of May 28th, 2011 (2nd place).

What will be your next competition and competing class?

My Next show is going to be The Emerald Cup in Washington on April 20th.

I am attempting to gain my pro card this year, as I tentatively plan on competing at Greater Gulf States in New Orleans on June 22, Team Universe in New Jersey on July 6th concluding with USA’s in Vegas on July 27th.

My competition class (C) is typically the largest, with my height being most average, the challenge is greater.

Where can fans find out more about you?

You can see my updates, training regimens, supplement discussions, information sharing on health & nutrition, progress photos, cooking tips and recipes on my following networks:

Social Networks
Twitter: twitter.com/jade0_o
Bodyspace: bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/jadeo_o/
Model Mayhem: 2200635 MODEL Mayhem #738091 Makeup Artist

Personal Sites
Facebook: www.facebook.com/janelletsaomua

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