Goal Setting Tips for the Fitness Girl


Goal-setting consistently has played a huge part in my success over the years, not only in the fitness world but also in my personal life.

Over these last few years, I have set goals for myself and worked my way through them. It is amazing what you can do when you have a clear mind about what your goals are and what you want out of them.

Whether you are competing soon, need to clean up your diet or want to fit in a bikini for your next beach holiday, a list of goals will help you keep on track and motivated to achieve them.

This is a list of ways that can help you with your goals, whatever they may be.

  • Write down a list of all your long-term goals.
  • Break down each long-term goal, into short-term goals that are more attainable.
  • Set the most important goals high on your list.
  • Pick a specific and reasonable date that you would want to achieve your goals.
  • Think of challenges you may face along the way. For example, if you are going on a trip and you need to pack food in order to keep eating clean. Or do research on local gyms during your trip.
  • Think of an inspirational quote, image or some sort of statement that will keep you on track and motivated to continue reaching for your goals. Repeat these statements or vision the image everyday to keep yourself movitated. for example, I keep a picture of Ava Cowan’s abs on my fridge!
  • Post your goals on sticky-notes in certain areas, like the fridge or on your mirror.
  • When faced with a challenge, ask yourself “what will I gain from this?” or “will this make me feel better?” If not, then you probably should avoid doing it.
  • Make sure your friends and family know what your goals are, they can be the worst with motivation or for understanding unless they know how important your goals are to you.
  • Change negative words to positive. Forget the word impossible or a statement like “I can’t”. Having a positive attitude will keep your stress level low and help you believe that you can reach your goals.
  • If you have a slip of some kind, dust yourself off and keep going. There is no point in beating yourself up and feeling worse about it.

When you make your goals clear for you to understand, you will know what you need to do to get them done. You will be on your way to success.

Work hard for your goals; if you really want it, I am positive you will achieve them.

Fulfill your dreams and never give up. You can do this!

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