Erin Moubray – WBFF Pro Fitness Model


I had the pleasure to work with Erin back in 2010, and she is one ripped mom! She is a natural on stage so its no surprise that she was awarded her pro card this year.

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Can you please share with our readers your background and interests?

I am relatively new into the “fitness” world! I grew up doing more of the fine arts…and stayed clear of sports. I was always intimidated by sports!
Having said that I loved exercising on my own and always had an Oxygen magazine on hand. I really admired the women in there and loved reading the back pages where there was often a results of fitness competitions. I never in a million years ( at that time) thought I would ever be able to do that!

I began seriously training just over a year ago. I also got my personal training certificate as it went well together with my new found interest!!

Who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Fitness Competitor?

There were so many people….however in the end it was thinking of all my friends and family…as well as my daughter that inspired me. I had so much support from everyone…I wanted to make them all proud!

What competitions have you made appearances in, and titles won?

It wasn’t until after the birth of my daughter that I had the desire and guts to think about getting up on stage! That was last June! I hired and excellent trainer that showed me the ropes and got me working out in a way that I had never tried! I competed in the bikini category for my first show at the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic November 2010 and placed 5th! I was really happy….as I had gone into that competition not expecting to place, but rather for the experience! After it was done, I realized I wanted to do it again!

I signed up for a WBFF show in April 2011 in Quebec. There I placed 4th in Fitness Model and 3rd in Bikini. My most recent was at the WBFF Worlds 2011 this summer in Toronto. It was an incredible experience as I got to meet so many of my fitness icons! I placed 3rd in the Fitness Model category as well as I was awarded my Pro Card Status!

When is your next upcoming show and what category will you compete in?

My plan is to compete again at the WBFF Worlds next summer. I will be in the Pro Fitness Model category!

Where can fans find out more about you?

I have a facebook page where I show people information on my diet as well as exercise
tips! You can find me at:

Also by email at

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