Celebrate Your Body!

The female body is quite a fascinating thing of beauty, with curves, long legs and other attributes that are appealing to the human eye. It is a culmination of all parts put together so magnificently that we have to look, men and women both.

The female body has about 35 billion fat cells, almost 10 billion more than a man. Not fair, right? Men have potential to lose weight at a faster rate because of this unfair advantage. I have known men who have lost 10 pounds in a matter of a few weeks just kicking it up a notch in the gym and
cleaning up their eating habits. The average woman may lose 2 pounds doing the exact same thing.

There are many women who are working very hard to build the perfect body, which unfortunately can turn into an obsession. This obsession can develop into something more serious like over training and under eating. Weight loss can be a constant battle everyday with food as a major struggle. With these struggles, bad choices will be made. With bad choices made, the internal battle of guilt starts to plague the mind. It can be a never ending emotional cycle.

Fat cells will never disappear, but they can shrink with proper training and healthy eating. This can be done! With a positive approach to healthy eating and exercise, we can shrink our bodies into a leaner physique.

Approach food with a positive attitude and make healthy choices. Sugar and fatty foods never make us feel better when we are having a bad day, and most of the time we will feel worse after making a bad choice for our bodies. Next time you grab that pint of Ben and Jerry’s, remind yourself that these extra calories are not worth the internal battle you will have with yourself afterwards.

Always treat yourself with respect. Never talk down to yourself and focus on what you do like about your body, rather than focusing on the negative. Just because you don’t like you butt does not mean someone else doesn’t think it’s fabulous!

Train hard and eat clean. Treat your body like a temple because it is the only body you will ever have. In the mean time, appreciate your curves, your big bottom, your wide back, or your lower belly pooch. You are still beautiful and many others think so too. Time to celebrate your body!

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One Response to Celebrate Your Body!

  1. Sam Rivera says:

    Absolutely LOVE your article! Article is easy to digest.

    Although I’m a dude, I could still relate to some of the issues you’ve pointed out here that my wife has encountered in the past.

    ~ Sam
    MB Founding Editor

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