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PinExt April Deweese   Bikini Competitor and Fitness Model

April is a very inspirational woman who is a mother and a well established fitness model. She has had great success in the fitness industry.

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Could you briefly share with us your background, interests and some of your current projects?

I am a self employed Las Vegas Personal trainer and Online Trainer/Nutriton Consultant at aprildfitness.com

I am a Personal Trainer, Fitness Specialist, Nutrition Consultant, NPC bikini competitior, fitness model and mother.

I have my Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with Biology from Illinois College and associates in Science.  I am an ACE certified PT.

My interests are spending time with my son, dinner, movies, hanging out with friends, long baths, relaxing, weights, walking, sprinting.

Could you share with us who has inspired you the most to succeed as a Bikini Competitor and Beyond?

I would have to say Kim Lyons and Monica Brant are both ladies who have always inspired me.

You are a very accomplished Bikini Competitor. Could you share some of the competitions you have made appearances in? From these, what were your placements?


  • 2011 GNC NPC National Championships, Masters 2nd place.
  • 2011 NPC Greater Gulf States, Masters Bikini 1st place, 3rd place open.
  • 2011 NPC muscle contest, 1st place Masters Bikini, 3rd place open bikini.
  • 2010 NPC USAs Las Vegas 7th place bikini.
  • 2010 NPC muscle contest, 1st place Masters bikini, 3rd place open bikini.
  • 2009 NPC Las Vegas Classic, 3rd place open bikini
  • 2004 Central USA AGF Figure Classic, short class 5th place.
  • 2003 NPC mid-Illinois Figure, 2nd place.

When is your next scheduled competition to take place, and what will be your competing class?

I did 5 shows this year, so I’m gonna take a little break and wait until next July for Masters Nationals. I will compete in Masters Bikini.

Where can fans find out more about you and your upcoming projects?

You can find my website at www.aprildfitness.com

Facebook links:

You can also find me in October 2011 issues of:
Oxygen magazine,pages 64 and 119.
Oxygens collectors issue ‘Off The Couch’, pages 29,41,70-71,76,72-73.
Status fitness magazine, page 131.

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