Welcome to MuscleBombshell.com!

MuscleBombshell.com is all about recognizing females at different levels of Fitness.

Competition is Fierce and Cut-Throat for the female competitor! The slightest edge or lack-off will make or break the competition!

Staying in peak condition is a constant battle for the fitness model. A photo shoot may be right around the corner!

The personal trainer’s portfolio may not be as important as current personal fitness. Being fit is the livelihood of the CPT’s business!

MuscleBombshell.com give these Athletes a platform to have their names recognized despite of being on stage!

These females are true leaders in the fitness industry, and I am truly honored to have them featured on this site.

Sam Rivera
Founding Editor for MuscleBombshell.com

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  1. Thank you for support, be sure to check out my brand spankin new website (coming soon)! ~peace.

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    Looking forward to visiting your site. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to post a comment!

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