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Rosie Chee Scott … a Figure Competitor and Lifetime Fitness Ambassador shared with us her Journey.

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Could you briefly share with us your background, interests and some of your current projects?

A lifetime natural athlete, I have been involved in sport as long as I can remember. However, my athletic career really started with cycling: In my first year of competition, I won all but one National title for my age-group, going on to represent New Zealand in international events such as Junior Track Worlds (where I placed in the Top 10 in all my events), continuing to win multiple New Zealand track and road Championship titles throughout my cycling career.

In 2006 I turned my attention from cycling to my Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. Gradually my objective for study changed from wanting to do everything possible to better my own athletic performance to using my knowledge and wealth of experience as an athlete, coach, and trainer to help OTHERS, and I became more involved in different aspects of the fitness industry, and, after graduating started my own online training business, Rosie’s MuscleRevolution.

My fitness journey has been one not without struggles and trials. Going from being a competitive athlete to not being one, admitting an unusual eating disorder, facing suicide, recovering from a devastating back injury (that crushed my cervical spine and caused permanent scoliosis) in 2004, overcoming Chronic Fatigue in 2008-2009, gaining 25 pounds over a period of ~3 months (during another bout of Chronic Fatigue, not training, my diet “normal”) when I first arrived in the US, having lengthy forced time out from multiple injuries in 2011, and dealing daily with a hereditary blood disorder (where my blood can only carry two instead of the normal four oxygen molecules), I have learnt to walk that fine line between extreme and progress, having accomplished what many have persistently told me is ‘impossible’ – albeit everything I have done and will continue to do is not by my strength alone, but as a testament to God’s Glory.

I want to be a living, breathing example of what CAN be done if you want it badly enough; to make a difference in others’ lives; inspire them, give them faith, hope, courage, and belief in themselves and their ability to succeed; to get them to constantly push themselves to new heights; setting goals and achieving them, aiming higher once those goals are accomplished.

It’s about being better than I was yesterday. Having a vision and not being afraid to take the risks required to make it a reality. Knowing what I want and no matter what happens, persevering, never “settling”, not making excuses but pushing forward, holding nothing back, forever testing myself and challenging the “impossible”, finding a way to MAKE it happen! NEVER stop striving to be the BEST that you can be! Think like a Champion! Train like a Warrior! Live with a Purpose!

Who has been your biggest supporter/inspiration through your career as a Fitness Competitor?

Monica Brant-Peckham: Monica was my first “fitness” role model. When I was having a break from cycling and dabbled in bodybuilding (for fun) she was the woman that most inspired me through her discipline and dedication. I have always been quite muscular in my lower body, but Monica was what made me want to add muscle to my body, and work on making my upper body proportional to my lower. When I think of this arena Monica is the “First Lady”.

Ava Cowan: Not only is Ava’s career truly inspirational, but she is a genuinely beautiful person. She moves from strength to strength as a person and an athlete, always getting better and better. I have much respect for WHO she is as a person…IMO, Ava has the perfect female physique. She inspires me to take my physique to the ultimate level possible for me, and every time I see her Fat Loss Cycle ad/avi I am remotivated with my conditioning and striving to be leaner than ever and the best that I can be!

Jamie Eason: A perfect balance between muscle and femininity, Jamie was the woman who first inspired me to consider [fitness] modeling (being the same height). She inspires me not just because she has had so much success in so little time, but because she is REAL. She’s not afraid to put herself out there and take risks, strong enough to stand up for what she believes in, and does her best to inspire others. Jamie also inspired me to compete seriously (once I had retired from cycling) and to compete in the Natural Federations.

Gina Ostarly: Wife, mother and grandmother, Gina is a motivation and inspiration to all, proving that no matter how old one is, age is NOT an obstacle to achieving and maintaining the body of your dreams. Writer, trainer, model, and athlete, Gina is a huge source of knowledge, only willing to share it to help others achieve the best lifestyle they possibly can, and GoFitness is a model for what I ultimately want to be have and be doing with my own exercise physiology clinic.

Obi Obadike: Not only is Obi a wealth of experience and knowledge, but he is very humble, never seeking to glorify himself and his accomplishments, only wishing to do what he can to encourage, motivate, and educate others to a better lifestyle. Having overcome many challenges in his fitness career, Obi leads by example, showing others what can be done when you put your mind to it, regardless of how “impossible” anyone else says it is. I have learnt a lot from Obi and are truly grateful to know him.

Ben Booker: Ben is “living proof” that if you “stay strong, always believe, never give up…dreams can come true”. Ben is faith, courage, determination, humility, strength – a true testament to God’s glory. “What I know today…anything can happen, dreams come true, and miracles occur daily. Belief is power beyond measure. Second Chance, make yours count!” Ben is a great mentor and role model for me, inspiring me to step out in faith and take the risk, to always do my best.

Layne Norton: Knowledge, experience, achievement, all summed up in one word: LAYNE. Layne is Layne – no other explanation is needed!

You are an accomplished Fitness Competitor…could you share some of the competitions you have made appearances in?

  • 3rd Open Figure Short INBF Midwest Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships, 2010 (WNBF Pro-qualifier Figure)
  • 3rd Novice Figure Short NZFBB Taranaki Bodybuilding Championships, 2004 (competed in for fun when taking a short break from cycling)

When is your next scheduled competition to take place, and what will be your competing class?

I have not yet decided, but my competing class is Figure (short).

Where can fans find out more about you and your upcoming projects?

Rosie Chee Scott - Fitness Competitor and Trainer

Rosie Chee Scott - Fitness Competitor

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