Patty Wilson – Figure Competitor & Fitness Model

Paty Wilson - Figure Competitor and Fitness Model


Patty Wilson, a well established and very inspirational Figure Competitor, Fitness Model and Sponsored Optimum Nutrition/ABB Athlete recently shared with us some of her amazing background in the Fitness Industry.

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Could you briefly share with us your background, interests and some of your current projects?

Paty Wilson - Jamcore

Paty Wilson

I was born and raised in Globe, AZ. Growing up in a small town I was a chubby kid. As I entered into High school I lost weight the unhealthy way and then entering into college began to party and gained it all back plus some. I realized that something needed to change and I discovered the gym and started to learn more about weight training, cardio and proper nutrition.

This eventually turned into me becoming a certified personal trainer and group aerobics instructor which also changed my life!

In 2007 I decided to tackle the challenge of competing in the NPC Figure Division and here I am today 🙂

Could you share with us who has inspired you the most to compete as a Figure Competitor?

I’d have to say my inspiration to do what I do is me along with my family, friends and fans who believe in me. I am a go getter and will accomplish anything I set out to do.

You are a very accomplished Figure Competitor. Could you share some of the competitions you have made appearances in? From these, what were your placements?

Paty Wilson - Jamo Beach

Paty Wilson - Jamo Beach

  • 2011 Border States San Diego, CA Placed 2nd in Masters Figure 35+ and 3rd in Open Figure
  • 2011 Orange County, Ca Place 1st in 35+ Figure Masters and 2nd in Open Figure
  • 2010 Excalibur Culver City, CA Placed 4th in Open Bikini
  • 2009 Fitness Universe National Competition Las Vegas, NV placed 4th in Figure and 6th in Bikini
  • 2009 Fitness America Competition Southwest, Mesa, AZ place 2nd in Figure & 3rd in Sports Model
  • 2008 OCB Naturals, Mesa, AZ place 3rd in Figure & 4th in Fitness model
  • 2008 America’s Fittest Model, Scottsdale, AZ fitness model competitor
  • 2008 NPC Emerald Cup, Seattle WA figure competitor
  • 2007 NPC USA Nationals, Las Vegas, NV placed 16th in Figure class
  • 2007 NPC Jr Nationals, Culver City CA placed 4th in Figure class
  • 2007 NPC Western USA, Phoenix, AZ placed 1st in Figure class

When is your next scheduled competition to take place, and what will be your competing class?

I plan to compete in the NPC Sacramento, CA March 24th in Figure Category.

Where can fans find out more about you and your upcoming projects?

Paty Wilson - Figure Competitor and Fitness Model

Patty Wilson - Figure Competitor & Fitness Model

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