Margie Mack – Winning as a Figure Competitor

Margie Mack-Figure Competitor

Margie Mack, a Figure Competitor recently featured on the site shared with us her recent experience in a Figure Competition where she did not place!

If you’re preparing to compete, have had a similar experience or know of someone who has seen similar struggles…I’m sure you’ll find comfort in this insightful article shared by Margie.

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I experienced something this weekend at my show I had never experienced before. I didn’t place!!!!

I was thrown for a loop because I had placed in my first two shows. Heck ! I won my first show then placed second in my next.

I guess I had taken it for granted that I would win a trophy every time. Then the thoughts crept in, maybe I wasn’t good enough, defeat, failure and depression soon followed. For every athlete that has ever experienced this, you know what I mean don’t you?

Do I need a trophy to tell me that I look good? Sure it feels good to place top 5 but it feels better to accomplish a goal that was difficult to achieve.

I trained hard, I ate clean, I didn’t cheat and I felt great. The sport is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I wish I could tell you that you can just get over it and move on. You can’t, it’s not that easy!

However, what I can tell you is this: USE IT!

Use it to fuel your motivation. To make you that much stronger inside and out! That’s what I’m going to do!

It’s true, you can’t win em all, but you only lose when you stop trying!

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Margie Mack – Figure Competitor

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